How to Break Up With Your Partner Without Making It Complicated and Messy

A couple breaking up.

Compared to married couples, cohabiting partners may find it relatively easier to exit in times of difficulty since they haven't legally tied their lives together through marriage. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

Not all relationships can survive the odds; at some point, it may be necessary to take the hard decisions and part ways. However, emotional people may take longer than pragmatic ones to make the final call.

Breaking up with your partner is not an easy task. It will pain both of you, and it may seem impossible to erase the memories, but it has to be done. However, there is no need to make the breakup a bitter and messy event. With patience and reasoning on your side, you can figure out how to break up with your partner in a dignified manner.

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Making up your mind

Before you break up with your partner, ensure there are no doubts in your mind. A breakup means the end of a relationship, so do not keep anything unresolved before taking the final step. It would be best if you were determined not to relent; hardening yourself will be necessary.

Choosing the right place and time

This is very important to ensure the breaking up does not turn out to be messy. Choose a time when both of you will be free. It can be on the weekend or after work. Also, do not choose a public area. Privacy and serenity are required to converse. It should also be a place where you both feel safe and comfortable. 

Do not choose a public area to converse.
Do not choose a public area to converse. (Image: Eldar Nurkovic via Dreamstime)

Using the right words

When you break up with your partner, ensure every word you speak is carefully chosen. Do not keep anything that hints at a different possibility or is vague. Evade using words like maybe, perhaps, or possibly. Remember, your comments should not leave them confused about your intentions. Truth hurts but sometimes using it is necessary and paves the way for a new chapter in life. 

Refrain from mud-slinging

This is a mistake many people make when breaking up with their partners. A relationship usually does not fail for the fault of anyone. Also, you may have had some excellent times with the person in the past. So, refrain from accusing them or saying harsh words at this juncture. 

Be ready for different reactions

While you have prepared yourself to stay calm and composed, it is hard to predict how the other person will react at this time. If you are lucky, your partner will maintain their dignity and remain calm during the breakup. Try to preserve the environment of dignity and composure even if you find them emotional or angry. This will make them realize that anger or emotion will not work on you. 

It takes time for your mind to heal after breaking up with your partner, and scars remain raw for quite some time.
It takes time for your mind to heal after breaking up with your partner, and scars remain raw for quite some time. (Image: Bogdan Sonyachny via Dreamstime)

Best to keep it private

It takes time for your mind to heal, and scars remain raw for quite some time. So, refrain from making it public, especially just after the breakup. Sharing it with a few trustworthy friends is okay but try to keep it as private as possible. You surely do not want your personal life and suffering to become the source of gossip. Also, refrain from making cryptic and suggested posts on the breakup on your social media profiles. 

Stay firm and focused

In some cases, people find their ex trying to resume the relationship. If this happens to you, convey that such efforts will not yield any results. Sometimes, silence is better than using arguments or explanations. 

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