5 Ways to Set Technology Boundaries in Your Family

A young boy watching a smartphone screen.

It might be challenging to keep your child away from devices; this can result in withdrawal symptoms such as a loss of appetite and temper outbursts. (Image: via envatoelements)

The world is ever-evolving, and technology is used in nearly everyone’s daily life. Technology is not just electronic gadgets, but anything that has been developed to help ease daily tasks, including such things as cooking utensils and office supplies.

How is technology separating families?

The adverse effects of using technology too much can lead to the separation of family members. Being too caught up with gadgets can make you interact with your loved ones less. This can lead to not talking regularly or checking up on family members, which can create some of the following issues:

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  • No emotional connection between family members
  • Loss of attention toward family members
  • Loss of appetite leading to incomplete family dinners
  • Young children and teenagers talking to strangers online without supervision
  • Believing or getting triggered by false information circulating online
  • Loss of trust between family members

Boundaries need to be set on the use of technology. There are actions that you might need to limit.

Most boundaries are for a good cause, which is to avoid actions that lead to excessive use of technology or, in some cases, addiction.

What are some examples of boundaries?

Here are examples of where a person could say no when they feel uncomfortable with the situation.

  • Physical
  • Emotional boundaries
  • Spiritual
  • Moral
  • Intellectual
  • Material or financial
Boy using a mobile phone.
Being too caught up with your gadgets can make you interact with your loved ones less. (Image: Prudencio Alvarez via Dreamstime)

How do you set boundaries?

Limiting your family can get tricky, as this depends on each person’s self-discipline. This is the perfect time to practice or incorporate disciplinary actions for everyone in a healthy way. More in-depth steps are as follows:

1. Assess the time consumed

How long do you usually use your phone, tablet, or computer? Have you been exceeding what is recommended? If you happen to find yourself spending too much time in front of the screen, then it’s time to take note of it seriously and plan out how to change this.

It is recommended that children spend less time in front of computers or tablets. But there are specific TV shows that toddlers adore that help them stay calm. Unfortunately, this is not the best way, especially with the screen exposure involved.

2. Limit excessive use

Once you get to know how long each family member spends using their gadgets, then it’s time to map out a plan.

Limit each child’s usage. Limiting can be done by taking turns using the computer or applying conditions. You can mix it up by teaching them to be responsible, such as doing chores first before leisure time in front of the computer. Then, they can enjoy their time using their preferred gadget.

3. Communicate and make children understand

Make your family understand why this is necessary. Explain to your children the importance of limiting the use of technology by explaining how it affects their health and the personal relationships that tie your family together.

The Internet is also part of technology, as it is an integral part of computers, smartphones, and tablets. Explain the dangers of interacting with strangers over the Internet. You also need to stay on top of what your children are accessing, especially now that the Internet easily connects with both good and bad information.

4. Use helpful tools

One thing that keeps gadgets going is Wi-Fi and data plans. Most young people rely heavily on the Internet and cellular packages. So one way to monitor or limit your Wi-Fi is to use parental control features. Wi-Fi usage can also be determined by controlling how many hours the Internet can be accessed.

5. Show by example

Make sure that you as a parent are not abusing technology. Children usually follow what you set as an example. If they see you using your gadgets excessively, they will most likely follow what you are doing.

Most boundaries are for a good cause to avoid excessive use of technology or, in some cases, addiction.
Most boundaries are for a good cause, which is to avoid actions that lead to excessive use of technology or, in some cases, addiction. (Image: Lucélia Ribeiro via Flickr)


You don’t have to make the environment scary or inflict fear on family members Make it fair; the essential part is to act on what you say. For example, do not try to justify that you are older and you don’t follow the same rules; instead, explain why they caught you spending excessive time in front of the screen, whether it was for work or something else.

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