7 Benefits of Postpartum Fitness and How to Start

A young mnother exercising with a baby stroller.

Postpartum fitness needs to be a priority — it can help you get your life back on track! (Image: Lopolo via Dreamstime)

Some moms need to focus on their exercise routines after having a child, but they have many other things to do. Some don’t even have time for an hour in the gym, let alone time for a full workout or training session. That’s where the benefits of postpartum fitness come into play.

What is postpartum?

Technically, postpartum refers to what women go through after giving birth, which usually lasts around six weeks. There are different phases that mothers go through; some differ depending on their experiences.

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For six weeks, your body will go through several changes. Some include healing of your wound (normal birth or cesarean), breast enlargement due to breast milk, and it’s also common to experience postpartum depression. It is one of the most challenging stages for young mothers. It drags you down and makes it hard for you to express how or what you feel.

Share your postpartum fitness plans with friends or loved ones.
Don’t be shy to share your postpartum fitness plans with friends or loved ones. (Image: Arne9001 via Dreamstime)

How can you start a postpartum fitness journey?

Postpartum fitness can be a daunting challenge for women who have just had their first baby. There’s so much to do that you feel constantly exhausted and undernourished. However, postpartum fitness needs to be a priority — it can help you get your life back on track!

1. Prepare yourself

Buying or shopping for new fitness clothes is worry-free as you can shop on several online stores that cater to young moms. In addition, shopping for clothes you might need during your fitness journey can also spark excitement in you.

2. Share with someone close to you

Don’t be shy to share your postpartum fitness plans with friends or loved ones. Someone close to you can cut you slack and pull you back up if you doubt yourself. You might even get a fitness buddy in the process.

3. Free yourself from pressure

It’s hard to compare your old self (pre-pregnancy) to your state after giving birth. But to tell you the truth, that is a very harsh and unfair comparison. Accepting the changes within you takes time, but that’s not an excuse to put yourself down. Also, stay away from looking at celebrity post-pregnancy pictures. Not everything you see is authentic. You are your person, and no one can tell you otherwise.

4. Stick to a schedule

Picking a target date to start is essential. What time are you able to work out? It doesn’t matter if you have an hour or 15 minutes to spare.

Engaging in fitness training can help you recover your strength and even help with muscle formation or firming. (Image: Aekkarak Thongjiew via Dreamstime)

What are the benefits of postpartum fitness?

It’s not just about the physical aspect; fitness can benefit emotional and mental needs too!

1. Restoring strength and muscle firming

Going through pregnancy is a long, roller coaster ride. Sometimes you are happy, grumpy, depressed, or maybe all of the above. Plus, your body had to adjust to carrying another form of life within it. Engaging in fitness training can help you recover your strength and even help with muscle formation or firming.

2. Reduce fatigue

The constant sleepless nights of crying infants and sore bodies from feeding, cleaning, bathing, and cooking can take their toll. It seems like adding exercise drains your energy more. But it’s quite the opposite; fitness training reduces the feeling of being tired.

3. Stress reliever

Being a new mom can be very stressful. Taking care of your baby is not easy and can be draining. However, exercising helps as it improves your mental health by relieving stress, which is common after childbirth.


This is your sign to start planning. Always remember that it’s your decision when to start and even when to stop. Good luck on your postpartum fitness journey!

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