10 Things to Consider for a Successful Marriage

A couple stand on the beach at sunset holding their arms so as to frame the setting sun in a heart-shape.

It is sometimes said that 'loving each other is easy, getting along is difficult' so here are some tips for a successful marriage. (Image: Dimeaberkut via Dreamstime)

After the marriage and once the honeymoon is over, a couple’s life will gradually return to normal and begin to harmonize. However, it is said that “loving each other is easy, getting along is difficult.” Therefore, it’s not as simple as falling in love. The couple’s living habits and personalities need to integrate further; in many cases, that process may not be so pleasant.

Marriage requires two people to support each other.

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10 warm reminders about marriage

1. Don’t bring up divorce

Couples who frequently mention divorce may experience one sooner or later. If you don’t want this day to come, you should quickly eliminate this bad habit.

 2. Don’t take work issues home

Modern people are under a lot of pressure at work and can often bring work worries homes, which can interfere with their family life.

Bringing work worries homes can interfere with a marriage.
Bringing work worries homes can interfere with a marriage. (Image: Poramate Cheewapat via Dreamstime)

3. Don’t believe the one who is the breadwinner is the one in charge

Some people think that whoever makes the most money is in charge of the family. This is not good for harmonious family life and can be pretty dangerous.

4. The division of labor between husband and wife is too clear

A family is not an enterprise, and the division of labor should not be clarified. Whoever has the time can do more.

5. Compromise and consideration

Family matters need to be negotiated together. Those who only care about their happiness without caring about the other’s thoughts will not have good relations.

Man sitting back from his desk while his wife hugs him from behind to offer support and encouragement.
Compromise and consideration will go a long way toward helping you have a successful marriage. (Image: Albertshakirov via Dreamstime)

6. Don’t distinguish between your parents and your in-laws

Husbands and wives come from different backgrounds and psychologically choose to protect their own families. Newly married couples are prone to make such mistakes.

7. Don’t compare your spouse with others

People are different, and everyone has their characteristics. It is irresponsible to compare your spouse with others at any time. Such words will damage your spouse’s self-esteem, be hurtful, and ultimately undermine your marriage.

8. Don’t return home late for no reason or spend the night away

It is understandable to go home late because work is hectic or there are many social activities. This should not often happen as it can eventually affect the relationship.

9. Don’t expose each other’s shortcomings regardless of the time and situation

Firstly, couples must pay attention to doing so in private when they quarrel. Calm down, and pay attention not to criticize or humiliate your partner in public settings or front of family and friends.

Secondly, don’t bring up the past during conflict or blow things out of proportion. Take some responsibility during such tense times, as consequences may be beyond repair.

10. Don’t expect your spouse to conform to your living habits

Husbands and wives are two different individuals, after all. Demanding the other to live their way will lead to ‘fire’ in the relationship. Don’t force or push the other half as you wish. By allowing things to flow naturally, life will be easier.

Edited by Tahnia Smith

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