Helping Children Develop Good Character

Five young friends with smiling faces running outdoors.

Encouraging children to develop good character during play is an important factor in their development. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

For young children, everything in life is part of learning. Encouraging children to develop good character during play is essential to their development. Many parents think it is difficult for children to cultivate good character traits, but it is relatively easy to form bad ones when you pay attention to their behavior while at play; you help children develop good characteristics.

Ways to help your child develop a good character

Learning to share

Sometimes, children do not want to share with others when playing a game or with a toy. This unwillingness to share can lead to difficulties when cooperating with others as adults, as children may form solitary personalities.

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In the course of the game or activity, you should pay attention to cultivating children’s generous natures by organizing collaborative activities to allow them to learn how to get along with others.

You should organize collaborative activities that help cultivate a generous good character in children.
You should organize collaborative activities that help cultivate a generous character in children. (Image: Oksun70 via Dreamstime)

Don’t give up

Some children will lose interest and play with other things when playing with a game or toy. This situation may be due to a lack of concentration or the child’s fear of failure, such as when they are losing a game. Therefore, when organizing a game or activity, you should help children develop the habit of completing what they started.

It would help if you also encouraged them to cultivate perseverance and the courage to overcome difficulties encountered during the game or activity. In the design of the game or activity, set goals within their capabilities. Also, provide encouragement and appropriate help so they can develop the trait of perseverance.

Provide encouragement

Most children play to win, which shows they have strong self-esteem. They also want to be successful in a game or activity to win praise. In the game, encouragement should be the primary focus; present games that are not too difficult to enhance their self-confidence.

Teacher leading students to play a game on the playground.
Children want to be successful in a game or activity to win praise. (Image: Rido via Dreamstime)

Let children know that sometimes they will succeed and sometimes they will fail. But even if they fail, tell them it’s okay and not to give up.

Games and activities

A round or activity is a meaningful way to impart knowledge to children. Without games or fun activities, children will not have a joyful childhood. A game is a child’s lesson, while a toy is a textbook. Children learn about life and society from games and activities, gain knowledge, develop intelligence, and enhance talent.

Games and activities are not only indispensable learning activities for strengthening good character, but they also are an essential means to achieve the harmonious development of body and mind. Furthermore, exciting and healthy games and activities provide joy and allow children to increase their knowledge and help build good character.

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