6 Ways Grapes Promote Longevity and Anti-Aging

Grapes growing on a vine.

Not only are they delicious and high in nutritional value, grapes are also a great anti-aging food. (Photo: Andreja Tominac via Dreamstime)

Not only are they delicious and high in nutritional value, but grapes are also great anti-aging food. In addition, while their sugar content is high, they have a low glycemic index, meaning people with diabetes can enjoy them in moderation.

6 known health benefits of eating grapes

1. Anti-aging

They are rich in anthocyanins and flavonoids, powerful antioxidants that fight and scavenge free radicals in the body. Free radicals are thought to be responsible for speeding up the aging process. Therefore, eating them regularly can deter aging. They also work wonders for your skin. They contain flavonoids that can effectively inhibit melanin production, making the skin rosy and smooth. Eating them is a natural way to look younger!

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2. Prevention of blood clots

After the age of 40, people are at risk of blood clots, especially those with hectic lifestyles. Grapes can help stop blood clots’ formation by reducing platelet aggregation. They also help lower cholesterol levels, making them great for preventing cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

3. Improving immunity and preventing cancer

Various organic acids and vitamins are found in red grapes that have sound effects on improving immunity and preventing cancer.

4. Relieving poor liver function

Studies suggest that eating grapes can reduce fatty liver disease and increase longevity even when a person eats foods high in fat.

5. Relieving insomnia

Grapes can help relieve insomnia.
Grapes can help relieve insomnia. (Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime)

They may help ease insomnia. The sleep hormone melatonin has been found in some varieties. Make sure not to consume too many before going to bed at night. They are approximately 75 percent water, so you might wake up to use the bathroom, affecting your sleep.

6. They are good expectorants

Since they are high in water, they have the effect of moisturizing the lungs. Consuming more grapes can help with the excretion of toxins from the lungs and the expectoration of phlegm.

Make sure not to eat grapes with these 4 foods

1. Seafood

Do not eat them with seafood. They are rich in tannic acid, and seafood, such as crabs and shrimp, are rich in protein and calcium. You risk poisoning if you consume them together in large quantities. It’s better to consume them about 3 hours apart.

2. Milk

The fruit acid in grapes will cause the protein in milk to thicken, making the nutrients from milk unable to be absorbed. This can even lead to diarrhea in severe cases.

3. Calcium tablets

Grapes can undergo chemical reactions with calcium tablets and cause the calcium to solidify. This may lead to the formation of gallstones.

4. Ginseng

Ginseng has a wide variety of health benefits, but it should never be consumed with grapes.
Ginseng has a wide variety of health benefits, but it should never be consumed with grapes. (Image: Arrowsmith2 via Dreamstime)

Ginseng is also rich in protein. The tannic acid in grapes and the protein in ginseng can interact to form residues that can affect the absorption of ginseng and compromise its medicinal effect.

Translated by Wendy Huang

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