Should You Automate Your Business?

Automation in business.

Some of the most impressive recent advances in technology and process efficiency are rooted in automation. (Image: Alexandersikov via Dreamstime)

Many owners have seen what automation can do for their businesses, and now, owners are left with the question: “When is the right time to automate my business?” So let’s get straight into the facts to understand the process.

How to automate your business

Automation in a business goes hand in hand with systematizing specific tasks. For example, once a set of functions are organized, they can be automated. This is done not just to improve efficiency but also to help keep the quality consistent.

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With all the talk about automation, many businesses are contemplating whether they should automate or not and whether it’s the right time to do so.

We’ve just written a guide for you if you’re still struggling and haven’t decided on automation.

Don’t be hasty and automate your business despite not needing to. First, learn more about automation and then make the decision.

When you automate a business, it goes hand in hand with systematizing specific tasks.
When you automate a business, it goes hand in hand with systematizing specific tasks. (Image: Tashatuvango via Dreamstime)

How does automation work?

The primary definition of automation is making processes or systems operate automatically. With the help of technology, robots, software, methods, and other digital applications, business processes can function more effectively.

The most significant advantage of automating is the time you save, the time a business owner can spend focusing on other, more critical tasks that they would usually fall behind in.

Instead of employees having to file a report every time a task has been accomplished, wouldn’t it be more effective if a manager just received a notification?

Many businesses today are unknowingly implementing automatization. Although maybe not as sophisticated as you would imagine, automation can be found in specific processes or systems that function repetitively, consistently, and thus more efficiently.

One example is email lists. Back in the day, people would have to type up a letter, sign it, place it in an envelope and then post that letter. The receiving end would have to tear open the letter, read the note, and take action. 

Now, we create an email list, add a subject, write the email, and click send. 

Why is it necessary to automate?

Automation can ensure high-quality results by performing tasks identically, thus eliminating human error. Think of it this way. What if you ever wanted to buy a car; would they have to assemble everything manually from scratch?

What if they forgot the screws? What if a particular part didn’t fit? What if the gears weren’t compact? Automation through robotics allows automobile companies to build cars while eliminating human error.

Some people may think. Wow. Hold on. But doesn’t automation make humans redundant?

No, it doesn’t because there are many things humans can do that robots aren’t capable of doing.

There are many things humans can do that robots aren't capable of doing.
There are many things humans can do that robots aren’t capable of doing. (Image: Chiradech Chotchuang via Dreamstime)

The argument to automate

There are five essential advantages that automation brings to the picture. Depending on your business, these advantages could help you scale and grow.

1. Cost savings

Automation reduces redundant activities; therefore, you no longer need extensive labor since it functions more mechanically, thus eliminating things like paperwork, HR, and other things you must worry about when dealing with humans.

2. Time efficiency

Automation can help simplify repetitive practices to clear up time and mental space to allow humans to focus on other tasks. An example of this is automated testing; instead of testing something out one by one, it can be tested simultaneously with automation, reducing days to just a matter of hours.

3. Efficient workflow

Unlike humans, who can only function at peak performance for specific periods at a time, machines and automation can keep the level of quality no matter how long they’ve been running. So as long as the hardware works, businesses can enjoy efficient workflows with the help of automation.

4. Reduced employee turnover

One tricky part about dealing with humans is that they come and go. Whenever new employees come in, the business still has to train them and adjust to the environment before they can officially get to work. With the help of automation, companies can get straight to work with less coaching than before.

5. Consistent operations

One of the best things about automation is that it is usually unphased by outside factors. Instead of relying on everything to be okay externally for it to function, the automation process continues regardless of what’s happening.

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