4 Mindfulness Habits That Will Help Keep Relationships Harmonious

A couple holding hands.

ove is unreliable, and gratitude and kindness are needed to make the marriage last. (Image: Nomadsoul1 via Dreamstime)

Couples generally come together to form lifelong relationships. However, each person has to proactively and sincerely maintain these relationships attentively to achieve this longevity.

Practice these 4 mindfulness habits to help build more harmonious relationships

1. Sincerely express appreciation and thankfulness

A wife can express her gratitude toward her husband’s contribution to the family when he comes home tired from work by extending a heart-warming greeting, allowing him to relax, and presenting him with a delicious meal. The husband will feel appreciated for his hard work.

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Equally, a husband who shows genuine appreciation for his wife’s efforts will build a trusting relationship valuing each other’s worth. Several minutes spent expressing one’s gratitude and praising the other party will improve the relationship of friends and partnerships.

2. Volunteer to help out

If a husband can volunteer to do some housework, the wife will be happy and take good care of the considerate husband. Even if the other party is not busy, volunteering to share some housework is a sign of dedication and appreciation.

If all the housework is done by one party, resentment and complaints will arise over a long period, and the closeness between the two will gradually fade away.  

Several minutes spent expressing your gratitude and praising the other party will improve your relationships with friends and partnerships.
Several minutes spent expressing your gratitude and praising the other party will improve your relationships with friends and partners. (Image: via Pixabay)

3. Show that you care

Good relationships sometimes start with giving gifts. Even after a love relationship between two parties has formed, sending gifts on special dates, such as birthdays, wedding anniversaries, Valentine’s Days, or acquaintance days, can often bring pleasant memories.

This is something easy to do, and it only requires some special attention to detail. A small gift can usually make the other party feel very happy and substantially consolidate these relationships of love.

It takes wisdom, patience, and initiation to handle relationships between two people well. However, if couples apply these methods, their ties will be strengthened daily.

The girl preferred bland food, while the young man liked to eat spicy food. (Image: Avlxyz via Flickr)

4. Find similarities among the differences

It is common for individuals in relationships to have different opinions and habits, lifestyles, backgrounds, etc. Finding common ground when differences occur will need honesty and diplomacy to arrive at a suitable solution for both parties. The following story illustrates this point.

A girl from the southern region married a young man from the northern area. The girl preferred bland food, while the young man liked to eat spicy food. For this reason, the girl often went to her parents’ place nearby to eat. One day, the dish made by her father was too salty, and her mother took a cup of water. Before eating, she would rinse the food in the water for a while.

An idea came to the girl’s mind after she saw what her mother did. The next day, the girl cooked some dishes that her husband liked, with chili in every dish. She put a cup of water in front of her and rinsed the food before she ate. Seeing this, her husband became teary.

Later, he learned to make dishes by himself, but there was no chili in any of them. Instead, he placed a bowl of chili sauce in front of him, dipped his food into it, and ate it with great pleasure. They used a cup of water and a bowl of chili sauce to guard the love between them so that it would remain long-lasting.

There are billions of people in this world, and it is mind-boggling how fate has arranged for you to be part of your current family, group of friends, and colleagues. Every person possesses unique traits, and for this reason, you need to accommodate the differences of others so that you can lead a satisfying life.

Those who know how to cherish and be grateful for the blessings bestowed on them are the happiest in the world. 

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