Film Review: ‘Silver Screen Dreams’

'Silver Screen Dreams.'

Based on the Chinese entertainment industry, ‘Silver Screen Dreams’ reveals the darker side of the business, but its central message is how compassion can inspire hopefulness in the midst of life’s hardships and tribulations. (Image: via New Century Films)

Under warm sunlight, on a hillside in a wheelchair, a woman is reading — that is the still image from New Century Films’ latest release, Silver Screen Dreams. The scene is pure and beautiful, like a poem that arouses the imagination. But what kind of story is it? What has the woman in the wheelchair experienced?

‘Silver Screen Dreams’ touches the audiences’ hearts

The main character, Lin Mei Yue, an A-lister actress, loses her long-prepared role because of a shady deal that causes her a severe injury in an accident. As a result, Lin falls from the peak to the bottom of her life overnight.

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If that tragedy had not happened, Lin would have had a perfect life — a husband who was a talented director, a beautiful daughter, and a successful acting career. Unfortunately, however, life is full of hardships.

Her dream was shattered, and Lin’s heart was broken. The wheelchair accompanying her after the accident reminds the audience of her pain and despair. Nevertheless, she carries on for the sake of her daughter and family.

The cast of Silver Screen Dreams at a screening in Middletown, New York. (Image: New Century Films)

The film is set in the fast-paced and dazzling entertainment business. A clever narrative structure and roller-coaster-like plot captivate the audience and keep their interest. The film’s ending is unexpected, and the audience cannot help but to reflect on it and be inspired.

There are many memorable scenes in the film. The actors’ heartfelt performances and the director’s control of the details of the shots are blended seamlessly. As a result, the audience feels connected to the full three-dimensional characters on the screen.

A pair of high-heel shoes appears several times in the film, which has profound significance. The first time is when Lin’s husband gives her the shoes as a birthday present while she is sitting in a wheelchair. She throws them away instantly; the hurt is reflected on her face.

This scene foreshadows her miraculous rise from the wheelchair later in the film and contrasts with the scene in which Lin’s husband takes out the shoes again, and the family cries with joy. Then, finally, Lin walks in the shoes at the film’s end, her aura in full bloom.

(L-R) Assistant director Sophie Song, producer and actress Grace Wei, lead actress Alyssa Zheng, actress Gillian Zhao, and actress Nancy Liu. (Image: Debora Cheng)

The director sings the empowering theme song

Silver Screen Dreams tremendous energy is reflected in its theme song, The Voyage Home. The lyrics are just a few lines, but the words fully encompass fate’s impermanence and life’s true meaning. The penetrating voice of the singer, director David Li, causes you to feel the power of God.

The first time the song appears in the film is when Lin Mei Yue takes her daughter to the park. The inescapable wheelchair shows the pain and loss inside her. Watching her daughter dancing among the flowers, her eyes have much to say, but her mouth is lost for words. The music starts playing slowly at that point, suggesting hope.

Ten years later, Lin and her husband go for a walk on the beach. As sunlight scatters on the couple’s aged faces, the music starts playing again, and the soul-stirring singing echoes in the audience’s ears and hearts.

Please listen to the film’s theme song The Voyage Home:

Silver Screen Dreams won the Award of Best Composer at the American Golden Picture International Film Festival 2022 for its theme song.

Silver Screen Dreams also won 12 film festival awards and nominations. These included the Best Female Lead Honorable Mention award and the Best Actress award from the American Golden Picture International Film Festival and the Canada Alternative Film Festival for the female leads Leah Feng and Alyssa Zheng, respectively.

Lin Mei Yue’s journey in the film causes us to pause and reflect on our lives. She is fortunate as a treasured book helps her find hope again. If we can gain from her experience, that is the worth of Silver Screen Dreams.

Please go here for the screening schedule.

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