3 Soups That Will Keep You Healthy During Winter

Spicy whole fish soup.

Spicy whole fish soup. (Image: via Flickr)

When you arrive home in winter and are cold and hungry, there is nothing better than sitting down to a hot bowl of soup. Winter has often been given a bad rap, as it brings the cold and flu season. However, with a little effort, there is no reason for your health to suffer during the colder months!

This dish is just what everyone needs in the cold winter months. You can have a quick, healthy, and comforting bowl sitting in front of you before you know it. There’s no better time than now for a bowl of hearty, delicious soup to help warm you up from the inside out. There is no lack of variety and different types have different benefits.

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Not only will it warm you up, but soup can also be very healthy. While the nights are getting colder, why not try this winter staple for yourself?

3 of our top picks for the best winter soups

1. Whole fish soup

Whole fish soup has been regarded as a nutritious food and is considered by many Asians to be particularly good for lactating women as part of the postpartum confinement diet. Fish contains high-quality proteins and essential nutrients, such as vitamin A, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, zinc, and calcium.

This is also an excellent source of iodine, which is beneficial for the thyroid. Fish also provides a mix of fats, vitamins, and minerals, perfect for putting your brain in prime condition. It has repeatedly been shown to slow cognitive decline and improve memory.

2. Chicken soup

Chicken soup with ginseng. (Image: via Flicker)

Chicken soup can prevent or lessen the symptoms of the common cold. Since colds are believed to be caused by viral infections in the upper respiratory tract, research has suggested the ingredients in chicken soup slow white blood cells from gathering in the lungs, therefore slowing the progress of irritating side effects like coughing, sneezing, and a stuffy, runny nose.

In addition to the nutrients from the vegetables and other ingredients, it also helps you stay hydrated — which is crucial when you’re feeling under the weather. As it is a hearty dish, it’s best for those sick to eat small portions.

3. Pig trotter soup

 Pig trotter soup. (Image: via Flicker )

Traditional cultures have included pig trotter or pig feet soup in their diets for thousands of years. It is high in collagen, the protein responsible for skin and joint health, which is especially important during cold and dry winters.

Gelatin is another substance found in this dish, one of the most easily digested forms of protein we can obtain. Most people know the job of protein in the human body for growth and repair, but most don’t know that gelatin protects your stomach and intestines. Gelatin will help to line your stomach and intestines, protecting you against sickness.

Adding peanuts is common among country folk in China and the U.S. South, as it benefits lactating women as part of the postpartum confinement diet. However, as this dish has a high-fat content, patients with high cholesterol should consume only small portions.

Translated by Chua, B.C. and edited by Kathy McWilliams

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