5 Tips to Keep You Younger

Two happy seniors travelling together sittin in a blue and white van holding mugs and smiling while a pink bicycle stands nearby.

Whatever age you are, you can develop good habits that will help you look and feel younger. (Image: Simona Pilolla via Dreamstime)

Although you can neither stop the passage of time nor control the aging of your body, there are indeed many ways to delay and reduce the aging process that will make you look younger and keep your body healthy. Living free from disease can also make people happier.

Many bad habits are formed at a young age, such as staying up late, overeating, smoking, and drinking alcohol. In youth, people don’t really think about or care about how much impact these habits may have when they are old. Experts suggest that instead of regretting later in life that you didn’t take care of yourself when you were younger, it’s better to develop some good habits today that can make you look 10 years younger.

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Start developing some good habits today to keep younger.
Start developing some good habits today to keep younger. (Image: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz via Dreamstime)

People often ask: “What age is it at which people are no longer young?” In this regard, the German writer, Samuel Ullmann, replied: “Youth is not a peach face, red lips, soft knees, but a deep will, a magnificent imagination, and a hot emotion.”

Youth is not a fleeting appearance or age, but a state of mind.

5 tips to stay young

1: Stay young at heart

A young heart has nothing to do with age, but is a state of life that is full of vitality. It is rare to still retain a childlike innocence after being an adult. Staying young at heart is not an expression of childishness but rather, after experiencing the ever-changing world, it is that you still believe in the existence of beauty. People who always maintain curiosity about things are closest to happiness, and naturally, they remain youthful.

2: A smile keeps your face young

In life, some young people don’t smile. They have no hobbies and feel that there is nothing interesting in life. Even at a very early age, they always give people a feeling of being old. People who truly love life never feel sorry for themselves, even after experiencing a storm. When the corners of your mouth turn upwards, things start to take a turn for the better!

When the corners of your mouth turn upward, things start to take a turn for the better!
When the corners of your mouth turn upward, things start to take a turn for the better! (Image: Piksel via Dreamstime)

3: Having a hobby can compete with the years

Some people are confused every day and spend most of their time playing with their mobile phones, wasting their time in vain. If you have a hobby, such as singing, writing, working out, etc., your life will be colorful. When a person is doing what he likes, it seems like he glows with a different kind of light.

Walking can improve body muscles, help blood circulation, promote metabolism, and make people younger and more energetic. Singing boosts dopamine production, which helps relieve stress. Moreover, the songs sung by the elderly are mostly learned when they were younger, and they can follow the singing back to the happy youthful years in memory and regain the feeling of youth. Singing can also increase lung capacity. When the oxygen in the blood increases, the aging speed will slow down.

4: Never stop learning

As the Chinese saying goes: “Live till old, learn till old.” The meaning is to never stop learning.

No matter what age a person is, he must maintain the ability to keep learning. It may be a new instrument, a new language, or learning a new recipe. If a person stops learning at the age of twenty, then the person is old. But if a person lives to eighty years old and still has curiosity and thirst for knowledge, then that person is still young.

5: Have a heart that loves beauty

No matter what age a person is, he must maintain a heart of loving beauty. This includes being mindful of having a clean and tidy appearance and dressing appropriately. Don’t always use the excuse that you are too busy and lack time. You need to take care of yourself and also make sure to maintain a proper weight. When a person maintains a healthy weight and appearance, no matter how old they are, they will look younger.

In addition, a healthy diet, drinking enough water, and using proper skin care products can also help you look younger. As the years go by, you’ll find that you’re more self-disciplined, you have treated yourself well, and your whole self will look and feel younger.

Translated by Patty Zhang, edited by Trisha

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