The True Strength of Motherhood: How Women Tend to Be Undervalued

A young mother holding her baby.

Motherhood is essential but mothers are often underappreciated for the efforts they pour out. (Image: Lenanet via Dreamstime)

Mothers are often underappreciated for the efforts they pour out. Many people do not associate strength with motherhood, although they should. Motherhood is essential, but not many people see it that way. Mothers don’t just stay home and play games with the kids all day — they nurture and protect them while helping them build emotional strength.

If you still aren’t convinced motherhood takes extreme strength, read this article to learn more about why it’s true.

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What motherhood is actually like

Being a mother isn’t like having an occupation with a set schedule or expected duties. Motherhood is composed of all things that have to do with raising a child. This means making sure children get what they need to grow in a healthy way.

Children are naturally vulnerable and rely on external help. The first important role of a mother is to make sure their child gets the nourishment they need. Some mothers opt to breastfeed their babies. This process alone can be excruciating for some. Still, despite that, mothers will tolerate the pain if they think it is best for their children.

Smiling Asian baby laying on a soft yellow blanket.
Children are naturally vulnerable and rely on external help. (Image: Midwestgal via Dreamstime)

When babies are a little older, mothers are responsible for their safety and ensuring their exploration does not harm them.

Aside from safety, when a child starts to grow, mothers also help ensure they learn the right things. On top of the physical growth, mothers ensure that the child grows up with an exemplary character.

How is strength present in motherhood?

Strength in motherhood can be found in a mother’s patience, compassion, and ability to keep going despite being tired, frustrated, sad, or even struggling.

First, when a child is still a baby, their sleeping schedule is still erratic, and while adults need six to eight hours a day of uninterrupted sleep, the mother adjusts her sleeping schedule to match the baby’s.

On top of sleeplessness, which can cause a physical depletion in energy, mothers must remain energetic and enthusiastic throughout the day to ensure their baby grows up in a healthy environment.

Outside of energy and enthusiasm, mothers must guard their explorative babies to ensure that nothing terrible happens to them. This means paying attention to them while they are awake and being quick on their feet when the baby is asleep and suddenly cries.

Finally, a mother also has to make the right choices. The choices involve more than what to feed them or how to dress them. It is also about deciding what they should learn, choosing what they need to be exposed to, what they need to be shielded from, and so on.

The true strength of motherhood is to make good choices for her child.
A strong mother makes good choices for her child. (Image: Yuri Arcurs via Dreamstime)

Signs of a good mother

A good mother does her best to raise her child right. This means being willing to sacrifice comfort, sleep, or other priorities to ensure the child grows up well. To put it simply, a good mother is someone willing to sacrifice. While there are intelligent ways to do things, a mother still has to exert effort to do them at the end of the day.

A good mother is someone who wants the best for their child. While mothers need to take care of themselves, good mothers still have their children’s best interests in mind.

This doesn’t have to be just in the short term, like what the child will eat or what toys to give them; it can also be in the long term. Other important things a mother is in charge of are what values to teach their child, how to instill confidence, the proper reaction to a situation, and more.

Why it’s important to appreciate mothers

There are so many things that a mother does behind the scenes, and we often forget how much they do just because we sometimes don’t see them struggle. Just because a mother is not showing their struggle doesn’t mean what they’re doing is easy. Some moms are great at hiding the pains of raising a child.

It is essential to appreciate mothers because we don’t know how hard they have it. Just a little kindness could go a long way. When raising a child, some mothers tend to forget about themselves. Since motherhood is a full-time job, becoming appreciative of mothers could be just the break they need.

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