Stop Wasting Your Time and Start Doing This

Productivity going up.

One of the best ways to complete your goals is to increase your productivity and use your time efficiently. (Image: Jakub Jirsak via Dreamstime)

The way you use your time has a significant influence on your capacity to achieve, but at the end of another long day, do you often find yourself thinking: “Where did all my time go?” Minor diversions that distracted your focus away from the things that genuinely mattered most likely occupied.

One of the best ways to complete your goals is to increase your productivity and use your time efficiently. When you do, you will have more time to accomplish important things, such as exercising, being with family and friends, having a hobby, or working on other projects.

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In this article, we’ve listed five activities that will help you to utilize your time more efficiently and improve your management skills as well. 

Start doing the following to stop wasting time

Say ‘bye’ to your smartphone 

The smartphone is a distraction device. We enjoy hearing our phones pinging or buzzing. Checking your notifications makes you feel happy because it releases dopamine. The latest text is frequently a bank offering a personal loan or a supermarket deal you would never accept.

Woman is busy looking at her smartphone while walking outside past an apartment building.
The smartphone is a distraction device. (Image: Savenkomasha via Dreamstime)

Resisting the impulse to check your text messages can be a difficult struggle to win. The issue is more involved than just simply checking a message. When you open the phone, you look at notifications and text messages. While you’re at it, you may notice someone liked your Instagram photo and then you spend the next 20 minutes scrolling through the news feed.

The more straightforward approach is to disable your phone’s buzzing and notification sounds so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

Stop using social media needlessly

Social media may be a tremendous distraction when used for personal purposes, but it can also be a time black hole for genuine professional objectives, too. Social media may help your business grow by increasing sales or marketing reach when utilized correctly. However, just like any other instrument, you must understand how to utilize it successfully. It’s easy to get sucked into useless “research” or read random articles.

First, determine how social media can benefit your business and stay focused. Secondly, quit excessively monitoring your social media activities – this applies to corporate and personal accounts. Constantly monitoring your news feed or seeing how many people are following you takes away your attention and wastes your time.

Create a schedule

Most people despise having a full calendar, but not all scheduling must be detailed. Set aside five minutes to create a list, plan, or timeline for an activity. A manageable timetable increases your chances of sticking to the task at hand. 

Using “time boxing,” or fixed segments for specific tasks, lets you divide them into more manageable chunks, making the wide-open workday feel more manageable. This technique can be applied to homework assignments, office jobs, and home repairs.

Timeboxing is a time management technique that allocates a fixed period to work on each task rather than focusing on it until it is completed.
Timeboxing is a management technique that allocates a fixed period to work on each task rather than focusing on it until it is completed. (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

When possible, try to arrange jobs together. For example, if you need to acquire groceries and put gas in the car, attempt to do both on the same trip. This saves you from making two separate trips for tasks that can quickly be completed concurrently.

Don’t multitask

Attempting to perform more than one thing at a time reduces your productivity. The human brain is not built to multitask. As you go between tasks, your brain has to slow down, making you less productive. You’re simply switching between two things without paying attention to either. As a result, neither task receives your full attention nor is completed to the best of your ability.

Concentrating on one task at a time will increase your effectiveness, resulting in better results with fewer errors.

Eliminate ineffective meetings

Meetings are often essential for exchanging information and making critical decisions, yet they are frequently perceived as time wasters because they aren’t used properly. The issue isn’t just the hours spent sitting through worthless meetings; it’s also the hours spent preparing for such pointless meetings and writing and reading meeting-related emails.

According to one study published in the European Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology, unproductive meetings cost firms US$37 billion annually. So, if you’re drowning in meetings, try to find ways to reclaim your time. Make sure meetings have agendas and a moderator to keep things on track.

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