6 Practical Tips to Improve Your Mobile App User Experience

Social media apps on a smartphone.

Another instance when you are at risk is using social media. Some people forget what they should and should not post on social media. (Image: LoboStudioHamburg via Pixabay)

The mobile app user experience is one of the major deciding factors for a mobile app. So besides design, user interaction with your app is a critical part.

UI refers to the screens, buttons, toggles, icons, and other visual elements you interact with when using a website, app, or other electronic devices. UX refers to your interaction with a product, including how you feel about the interaction.

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Stats alone show the need to improve the UX/UI of your mobile app. First, companies get 100 times ROI for every dollar they spend on user experience. This is because subscription-based mobile apps are increasing, meaning users’ experience with an app has to be interesting. 

Also, 30 percent of users said they would unsubscribe from an app they previously liked if they had a bad experience. And lastly, 80 percent of mobile app users would only use a complicated app three times or less.

There’s stiff competition in the app market, and it’s essential to be among the best. So how do you improve your mobile app user experience?

There's stiff competition in the mobile app market, and it's essential to be among the best.
There’s stiff competition in the mobile app market, and it’s essential to be among the best. (Image: via Pixabay)

How to enhance your mobile app user experience

1. Optimize user journey

Users who download your mobile app for the first time may encounter some minor problems. So it’s essential to streamline your onboarding process, which is the starting point of your user’s journey.

Most apps have short-term retention problems because users need to be onboarded or appropriately welcomed. 

Avoid too much information during the onboarding process. Just show the value of your mobile app without giving out too much. The beauty of mobile apps is that users go on a journey of self-discovery (If they like your app). That’s why using a progressive or benefits-oriented onboarding process is also recommended.

2. Reduce input fields

Your login and registration process should be simple. Unfortunately, some apps ask users to fill in too much information during the signup or checkout process, making users leave or bounce off the apps. 

Ensure you reduce the number of input fields to make the logins or registration smoother. Also, only ask for relevant information and avoid personal information you don’t need.

Lastly, allow the users to use a memorable username. You can let the users log in from other accounts like emails, Google, or Facebook. Users may not bother to recover their usernames when they forget their login details. So allow them to use their email as their username and give them the option to stay logged in.

3. Conduct UX research

UX research helps mobile app developers discover more about their users, such as expectations, behavior, needs, and response. In addition, UX trends constantly evolve, so staying updated about new developments in the more significant app industry and your niche is essential. 

Staying on top of UX trends helps you offer value and novelty to your users. UX research also gives you a platform for future success. For example, research on the user interface (UI) allows you to use different strategies to create customer-centric features or products.

Research helps you save money, collect answers and feedback that users need, and make possible changes during the development stage.

4. Make a consistent app design

A consistent mobile app design allows users to navigate with ease. In addition, your app design should be compatible with the logo and header to assure users that they are using the same app. 

You need to ensure users can access the most important pages. So use simple navigation bars that satisfy users. App users should know what a button does intuitively. Consistency also reduces users’ learning curve because they know what to swipe or tap. 

Also, avoid displaying blank screens. If a task is loading or in operation, make the users stay by using an illustration or sign. Otherwise, a blank screen may make users think that your app has crashed, making them leave.

 consistent mobile app design allows users to navigate with ease.
A consistent mobile app design allows users to navigate with ease. (Image: via Apple)

5. Use illustrations

Illustrations have become one of the most popular trends for startups and brands in the digital world. It helps users to introduce a concept, text, or process visually. Besides introducing new features or a range of services, illustrations also bring vibrance to the users.

For example, app illustrations are popularly used during the onboarding process. When users install your mobile app, you can use images to show what it does and keep the user moving to another stage of the login or signup process.

Illustrations can also be used for app permission requests, reward systems, during the loading process or instead of blank states, and more.

6. Build an attractive UI

Some people use UI and UX interchangeably. UX or user experience involves the subjective experience of users, like content, navigation, interactions, or how info is introduced. 

On the other hand, UI or user interface consists of the graphic elements of your app. It’s what the user sees. So how can your app UI improve UX?

It’s essential to have a quality UI. Make sure the app visuals are intuitive. As mentioned, use a consistent color palette, and ensure uniformity across the app. Everything from the menu bar, navigation bar, CTAs, checkout buttons, and add-to-cart buttons should be consistent.

You can also integrate AR, VR, animations, and motion design to make the app more engaging (but use them sparingly).

Closing remarks

Why do people uninstall the apps they download? It all boils down to unmet expectations or poor user experience.  

There are multiple ways to improve the user experience of a mobile app. Users want great UI, relevant information, easy navigation, personalized experience, fast loading time, and more. In short, UX should make complicated things easy.

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