An Amazon Bestseller: ‘Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience Revisited’

Sunrise over the mountains – The Ancients held that one's actions determined that person's good and bad fortune.

His desire to see into his future became strong. (Image: kareni via Pixabay)

A near-death experience is a well-researched subject. Even though it can’t be fully explained, and the existing explanations contradict one another, near-death as an experience is indisputable. 

But what happens during the period of seeming death? Where do the subjects go? Is it there, a heart, or somewhere in between?

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Rob has a near-death experience twice

Rob A. Gentile, 56, suffered a massive heart attack followed by a terrible near-death experience. On his way to a heart transplant, he came dangerously near death and entered the afterlife for the second time.

He found himself inside an unending, limitless immensity of shapeless, formless nothingness. He was everywhere simultaneously, dispersed across a timeless expanse and linked to the universe’s wisdom—all without words.

He witnessed and became a part of a massive interactive network of glittering lights that covered the Earth and stretched beyond infinity. Surprisingly, certain portions of the site were brighter, while others were darker. He later believed that this web represents a network that connects us all and is made of quarks, the minor elements of matter made of light.

Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience
Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience by Rob A. Gentile. (Image via Amazon)

While on the other side, he realized that each particle of light represented life. Rob, too, regarded his special-needs child as wonderful, entire, and dazzling. He recognized that if he injured himself, he would damage everyone and everything around him, but if he loved, the light would spread.

He heard the most crucial message of unity, oneness, and our true identity.

Rob shares his journey and provides a roadmap for overcoming adversity, staying in spirit, and connecting to the universal language of love and light in Quarks of Light: A Near-Death Experience.

On Amazon, the book is a best seller in over a dozen categories and has over 450 reviews with a 4.7-star rating. The book is available in print, Kindle, and Audible.

An interview with the author, Rob A. Gentile

Rob A. Gentile demonstrated an exceptional work ethic despite a demanding travel schedule for his day job and an adult special-needs daughter who requires extensive care. He’s also recovering from a heart transplant, but he still writes every morning.

Recently, one of the book reviewing websites, Evalogue Life, reached out to him and had a fantastic session talking about the journey, book summary, and much more!

Rhonda: What a momentous day, Rob!

Rob: What a fantastic day.

Rhonda: Today, we’d go through some of our previous collaborations. Do you recall our terrible talk about writing your book, memoir, or biography? I didn’t prepare you for this question (tonight), but I was thinking about it. So, OK.

Rob: When we started this project, we had numerous dream-crushing conversations.

Rhonda: Now, to give them some context, I’ll inform them that this is a dialogue I have with all clients working on family histories and memoirs.

Rob: And it goes something like this: “Rob, your story is incredible, significant, and deserves to be told.” 

Rhonda: And no one will purchase your book, Rob. And that’s the truth of most memoirs and family histories: there isn’t much of a market for them. It’s a challenging market.

Rob: So we had to keep that in mind the entire time you were working on it, knowing what you kept saying about it being worthwhile.

The author, Rob A. Gentile (Image: via

Rhonda: Was writing the book worthwhile? 

Rob: Oh, it’s been so worth it because the trip isn’t about the result; that’s not what this is about. It’s all about the journey and self-discovery.

That is the beauty of it, as difficult as it is. For me, the most beautiful element was that this was a near-death experience — a lot of sadness, medical concerns, and my special needs daughter — all of these things were tough to repeat.

At the same time, I found it quite therapeutic. I discovered that writing these things was like flushing poison from my system. In the process, I found out a lot about myself. So here is the voyage.

And every time I got scared or worried about writing it, aside from you telling me: “I’m not doing it for you, so get back to work,” I told myself: “Well, I’m going to detach myself, detach the ego from the process.”

Just learn to love the journey and let it all out. And that helped me so much throughout the process.

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