How to Drink More Water: The Best Way to Keep Yourself Healthy

Splashing water.

It's important to stay hydrated since the human body is made up of 60 percent water. (Image: George Hodan via Public Domain Pictures)

Some people spend thousands of dollars on medicine, food, and other means of nutrients when sometimes, the best way to keep healthy is to drink water.

Drinking water is the basis of a healthy body. You cannot have a healthy body if you do not hydrate. Building a healthy water-drinking habit doesn’t have to be accomplished in one day. Instead, you can slowly make this habit much more beneficial over time.

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Why water is important

Aside from its scientific properties, it has two primary purposes, flushing out the dirt and keeping your body hydrated. It is used for flushing out dirt within your body. While your body naturally expels solid waste, some micro dirt, bacteria, or others can only be washed away when you constantly hydrate.

Aside from cleaning your body, water is also essential for hydration. Unlike food, humans cannot live a long time without it. This is because a person’s body is naturally two-thirds water, and you need to replenish this constantly. The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your body functions.

Smiling young woman sits on the couch with a glass of water in hand.
The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your body functions. (Image: Antonio Guillem via Dreamstime)

Signs of dehydration

There are a few obvious signs that you are dehydrated. When you spot these, hydrate as soon as possible.

Dry mouth

When your mouth starts to dry, this is a sign that you need to drink water. The body itself has a way of telling you when to drink. A dry mouth indicates that it is time to hydrate.

Dry skin

Dry skin is an indicator of poor drinking habits and dehydration. You’ll sweat less if you become healthier and suddenly don’t drink any. If you notice your skin becoming dry regularly, this could be a sign for you to increase your hydration.

Tearing eyes

When your eyes start regularly tearing up, this could indicate dehydration and that your body lacks fluid. Conversely, watery eyes indicate that your body is trying to save more water.


Fatigue is a good indicator that you are dehydrated. The problem with this is some people think they are tired. If you feel tired, you can drink more water before assuming you are tired.

Dark urine color

The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your body functions. If your pee is yellow to brown, this is an indicator that your body is dehydrated. If this happens to you, you should increase your water drinking inputs.

The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your body functions.
The more you keep yourself hydrated, the better your body functions. (Image: Steve Vanhorn Dreamstime)

How to drink more water

If you want to correct your poor hydrating habits, you can do a few things to improve this.

Have a fixed time

Have a schedule for when you drink water. As a general rule, try drinking two glasses for breakfast, two at lunch, two in the afternoon, and two during dinner. This way, you’ll be able to keep yourself hydrated for most of the day.

Bring your water

While it sounds common sense, bringing water with you helps. Bring it to your office or school and take sips every once in a while. Sipping water is the best way to make sure your body remains hydrated.

Drink before eating

If you are trying to lose weight, you can also drink before you eat. This helps make you complete enough to avoid overeating. Since water instantly fills your stomach, it can help you avoid eating more. It is also a great way to keep yourself hydrated.

You can drink one glass before eating and one while eating or after eating.

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