2 Stories Portraying Genuine Love and Caring Respect

A mural of a blue butterfly being held in someone's hands, painted on a brick wall.

There is nothing more important in life than simply understanding and having compassion for others. (Image: Cammeraydave via Dreamstime)

There is nothing more important in life than simply understanding and having compassion for others. Here are two stories that portray genuine love and caring respect.

2 stories about genuine love and respect

1. A stranger’s care

There was an old man who used his life savings to collect many priceless antiques. His wife passed away early and left behind three children. He single-handedly raised and educated his three children. As young adults, they eventually moved abroad and established their own social circles.

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Despite having his children living so far away, the old man was fortunate enough to befriend a student who took the time to care for him.

Many people said: “This young man has put aside everything and spends all day with the old man. Does he really care about him or is he just after the old man’s money?”

The old man’s children often called from abroad, warning their father to be careful and not be fooled by the student.

Verdini Antiques Dealer in via della Fontanella Borghese in Rome, Italy.
The old man’s children were afraid the student had only befriended him in order to get his priceless collection of antiques. (Image: Konstantinos Papaioannou via Dreamstime)

“Of course, I know! I’m not a fool!” said the old man.

As time progressed, the old man passed away one day. His three children and the student were present when the lawyer read the will. To his children’s surprise, the old man left most of his collection to the student.

The old man stated in his will: “I know my student may have been after my money, but in my old and desolate years, he was the only one who took time to care for me. Although my children say they love me and think about me, they didn’t extend their hands to show it. So your verbal love in the end portrayed fake love. On the other hand, even if my student’s affection for me is not real, he stuck around for more than a decade with no complaints and that in my eyes is genuine love!”

The greatest gift one can extend to another person in life is not wealth, intelligence, or capability, but simply some unconditional and genuine understanding and kindness!

2. Brotherly love

The following story depicts two brothers whose bond is strengthened by a mother’s wisdom. 

An elder brother was experiencing a great deal of stress, causing him to experience insomnia, poor appetite, and to develop blisters in his mouth. This stress was a result of his tireless effort to gather enough money to have his twin sons admitted to college. The tuition was several thousand dollars. His wife said: “We’ve borrowed money from everyone we know. Can you ask your brother to lend us some money?” He replied with embarrassment: “Two years ago, my brother asked us to lend him a few hundred dollars so that he could start raising chickens and ducks. We didn’t even lend him a single penny. I’m too ashamed to ask him for money now.”

“So our sons won’t be able to attend college then?” asked the wife. The older brother’s body language acknowledged this fact, as he sadly turned away. At that moment, someone knocked on the door. As the older brother opened it, he saw his younger brother standing there holding a chicken in one hand and a duck in the other.

Photo of a duck with a lake in the background.
The man hadn’t given his younger brother any money when he wanted help starting to raise chickens and ducks. (Image: Robert Ivanov via Dreamstime)

The older brother politely invited his brother in and asked: “Why are you here?”

The younger brother put down the birds, wiped the sweat from his forehead, and replied: “I heard my two nephews were admitted to college and I was afraid you couldn’t afford their tuition, so I brought some money for you.” He took out a thick wad of bills and placed it on the table.

The older brother was embarrassed and his face turned red. He said: “I want to apologize to you. You asked me to lend you a few hundred dollars two years ago, but I…”

The younger brother waved his hand and said: “I knew about your situation. Your wife was ill, your children had to go to school, and you didn’t make that much money. Besides, didn’t you lend me nearly a hundred dollars two years ago?”

“A hundred dollars?” repeated the older brother in bewilderment.

“Yes! Did you forget about it? Mom said you asked her to send it to me,” the younger brother said.

Upon hearing this, the older brother realized that his wise mother had given the money to his brother on his behalf in order to strengthen their brotherly love.

Translated by Elaine, edited by Maria

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