Car Thieves Turned Themselves In After Experiencing Unexplained Events

A car being driven down the road.

A car associated with murder was stolen a few times. (Image: Anyaberkut via Dreamstime)

If it is said that a dog will find its way home after it has disappeared, then everyone may think this is nothing strange. But if a car was stolen several times by different people, yet it always returns to the owner, this is incredible! 

A bizarre incident like this has happened in central Taiwan. A car associated with someone who was murdered was stolen several times. The thieves, however, encountered some supernatural events and were overwhelmed. They eventually chose to turn themselves in and return the stolen vehicle.

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In July 2012, Mr. Ren stole the car in which a homicide had occurred without his knowing about it. Unfortunately, things happened one after the other to him, and he could not sleep at night, so he finally decided to turn himself in. Ren confessed that he often stole vehicles with his accomplice Chen. 

One day, a man with the surname Li discovered their underhanded deeds. The story began with Li’s son’s car that broke down around the end of June, and he had no money to repair it. So Li threatened Ren and Chen to steal a similar car for his son; otherwise, he would expose their illegal actions.

The story began with Li’s son’s car that broke down around the end of June, and he had no money to repair it. (Image: Noppon Kobpimai via Dreamstime)

When Ren and Chen were looking for the target, they came across a white car similar to the one owned by Li’s son. They stole it and threw away the license plate. Also, they ground off the engine number to cover their tracks and then gave the vehicle to Li. To shirk his responsibilities, the thoughtful and treacherous Li also forced Ren and Chen to sign a sale and purchase document.

Everything went wrong after the car was stolen

Ren recounted that since he stole the car, everything he did felt strange, and nothing he planned worked out. As a result, he often couldn’t sleep well at night. He may have thought it was like evil spirits disturbing him, so he went to the police station and surrendered himself.

Ren went to Li’s house with the police to recover the stolen car. Later, the police restored the erased engine number by electrolysis. After confirming it was the stolen vehicle from Jiang’s family, the police notified the family members to claim it.

According to Jiang, the owner of the stolen car, his younger brother, was murdered in the vehicle more than 10 years ago. It had been stolen four times. The vehicle was found each time abandoned by the roadside and recovered by police. Interestingly, each time the police and the locksmith tried, they couldn’t start it. So they had to wait for Jiang’s family to come and start the vehicle.

Ren went to Li’s house with the police to recover the stolen car. (Image: Tktktk via Dreamstime)

The Jiang family initially did not place any hope in finding the stolen vehicle. It was only when Ren, who stole the car, experienced frequent unexplained headaches and couldn’t sleep at night, and after encountering many supernatural events, that he decided to turn himself in. 

There were also media reporters explaining all the details; how the stolen car was found and that it was impossible to start it! So a tow truck had to be called to move the vehicle to the police station.

Some people say that everything has a spirit, and the spirit of this car may be the spirit of the original owner. After the vehicle was stolen four times, supernatural events led to it being returned to the family. Maybe it’s a good lesson for the thieves involved never to steal again!

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