A Dog Named Clancy and SARG, the Rescue Organisation

Clancy, the Great Dane American Bulldog mix.

Clancy wearing a dog jumper that was hand knitted especially for him on cold winter days. (Image: Anderson)

Clancy is a Great Dane American Bulldog mix and only a young dog about 90cm tall with short white fur and a dark brown patch of hair covering one eye. My brother introduced me to Clancy in his backyard.

I was a bit scared as I thought the breed of dog might be too aggressive. But Clancy was the complete opposite! He was still acting like a pup, jumping around trying to get close to me.

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My brother told me that Clancy likes to look you in the eye when he first meets you. So wearing my good clothes and being short, my brother firmly commanded Clancy to jump onto the old wooden table with this in mind.

I watched him leap up, and we faced each other, eye to eye. I peered into his dark brown eyes and felt like Clancy gave me the tick of approval as I softly patted his short furry head.

Clancy, the rescue dog

Clancy is a rescue dog, and this term has been given to animals that urgently need a home. Unfortunately, Clancy was abandoned in the forest of a National Park in Northern Victoria. A ranger found him there and took him to the pound.

Being such a big animal and still only young, he was not everyone’s first choice – he was in the pound for six months. Clancy was then placed into foster care and lived happily with a friendly family for about eight months.

The dog, named Clancy, likes to look you in the eye when he first meets you.
The dog, named Clancy, likes to look you in the eye when he first meets you. (Image: Trisha Haddock)

My brother was looking for a pet dog, and he didn’t want a pup, but a more mature, giant animal. He had heard about the animal adoption agency SARG. So he contacted them and submitted what type of dog he was looking for. The staff at SARG matched Clancy with his requirements of what kind of dog my brother was looking for.

My brother met Clancy at the adoption agency SARG, and they got along alright. At first, Clancy did not like being left alone in the backyard, so he went wherever my brother went — riding happily and safely in the back part of my brother’s orange Ford Ute.

Clancy now has a new lifestyle with plenty of running and swimming at the National Park, which allows dogs to play tug-of-war with a rope and fetch. In addition, Clancy regularly meets family members and my brother’s friends who also have dogs.

Such a happy dog now, enthusiastic about life and with a bad habit of jumping up onto people, being so excited to meet everyone and maybe get more pats. With my brother training Clancy and teaching him manners, the terrible habit diminished after a short time.

The many friends and family gatherings allowed Clancy to learn how to socialize with people and other dogs.

The Great Dane and American Bulldog mix is a popular breed in America. The Great Dane is known to be a well-natured dog that originated in Germany and is known as one of the largest breeds in the world. In the middle ages, the breed was bred for hunting boar and deer while also being used to guard the German nobility.  

A well-known cartoon charter, Scooby-Doo, was based on the Great Dane. The animation artist Iwao Takamoto based his design on the Great Dane sketches given to him by a Great Dane breeder, Hanna-Barbera. Scooby-Doo’s features in the drawings are over-emphasized, but the loyal and friendly nature of the Great Dane has been kept.

Clancy and his owner go for a run in the Australian bushland, National Park, that allows dogs. Clancy is a Great Dane American Bulldog mix. (Image: Anderson)

The American Bulldog descended from the English Bulldog. Immigrants have used the English Bulldog on farms as a working or guard dog in America since the 1700s. The breed nearly became extinct, and the American Bulldog emerged and was first recognized as a breed on January 1st, 1999, by the United States Kennel Club.

The American Bulldog is a confident, socially energetic, and strong-natured animal that bonds to its family. They like attention from their masters and do not do well around people they don’t know, but they can be trained as they age.

It is not recommended to leave them alone in a shed as they can become aggressive and fearful. These dogs like to socialize, but they need to be taught; they are initially working animals and often need interaction with their owners.

The Great Dane American Bulldog mix is a breed of its own and may have some of the characteristics of the breeds it has been mixed with. However, the Great Dane in this breed gives the dog a friendly nature. An interesting fact is the Great Dane American Bulldog mix ranks 14th among the crossbreeds in the U.S. It is a working dog and has been used by the American police.

They have a guard dog nature, while also being loyal and an excellent companion to their masters. They are not as aggressive, but know how to protect the home and not be a threat to those who live there. However, they need training to help them mature in a friendly manner.

The Great Dane American Bulldog mix size and features vary with each animal, depending on the parents. Some like to relax more than exercise, and they can adapt to a smaller space even though they are significant. However, they want to experience the outdoors, where they can walk, run, and explore with their owners.

They will cuddle up to you and flop their lanky body onto your lap. They like to be close to you and love lots of petting, as they want to be your best mate.

Clancy is swimming in the inlet water from the Murray River, his owner watching with amusement. (Image: Anderson)

SARG: The Sunraysia Animal Rehousing Group

SARG is a volunteer charity that increases the chances of lost, surrendered, and abandoned animals finding a good home. The organization is situated in Australia in the Northern Victoria township of Mildura, while they also rescue animals from surrounding areas.

SARG actively involves the local community with its cause and encourages a culture of compassion with responsible pet ownership.

Animals are fostered by people who would like to look after an animal as if it was part of their family until a person can adopt them. SARG has a good name throughout the region, and the community supports the organization. Events are held like the Paw walk to raise awareness and funds.

The organization teaches how to care for animals at schools and other community groups. SARG functions with the community’s support, with funds from local businesses, individuals, and the goodwill of the locals who volunteer.

SARG stands for Sunraysia Animal Rescue Group, and you can help by volunteering or adopting an animal and giving it a home. Pets improve the quality of life with unconditional love and joy; they can interact with you like a part of your family.

If you don’t live in the Sunraysia region, check your local area for a similar organization, as there are many functioning worldwide.

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