Have You Encountered These 5 Destinies in Life?

Teacher leading students to play a game on the playground.

Play is how children learn about the world and themselves. It's as essential to healthy development as eating healthy, reading books, and getting enough sleep. (Image: Rido via Dreamstime)

In life, we will meet many people and different circumstances, like a gift from fate, to light up our way and enlighten us about the future. The five destinies in life are: 1) meeting good teachers, 2) making good friends, 3) receiving help from good people, 4) listening to good advice, and 5) grasping a good opportunity.

So have you met these 5 destinies?

1. Meeting good teachers 

The old saying goes, if you meet a good teacher, you will be lucky in three lives.

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A good teacher is like a bright light to help you break through the confusion and find the direction.

Han Yu’s Teacher’s Discourse states: “The teacher is the one who preaches and solves problems.”

There is also an old saying teachers can be divided into three categories: the top master shows people the way, the middle master shows people virtue, and the bottom master offers people the art.

Meeting a wise teacher can make people have a clear heart and correct themselves, making fewer detours for themselves.

On the long road of life, a person may go fast, but an excellent teacher accompanies them to go further.

Your life is enriched once you're acquainted with a true friend,
Once you’re acquainted with a true friend, you can feel it and your life is enriched. (Image: Rawpixelimages via Dreamstime)

2. Making good friends

The saying goes, knowing a good person is better than knowing a hundred people.

Once you’re acquainted with a true friend, you can feel it. They will silently support you when you are down and need help the most. They will never leave you and will always be good companions. Friendship, nourishing each other, and mutual achievements are the most incredible luck on the way forward.

During spring and autumn, Guan Zhong was a good friend of Bao Shu Ya when he was young. Bao Shu Ya knew his virtuous ability very well. When Guan Zhong’s family was poor, he did business with Bao Shu Ya. Regarding dividends, Guan Zhong always took more money, but Bao Shu Ya knew that his family was poor and never complained.

Later, Guan Zhong served Duke Zheng of Qi, while Bao Shu Ya served Duke Zheng’s brother Xiao Bai. Although they had different political standpoints, they still maintained a deep friendship.

Bao Shu Ya also persuaded Duke Huan of Qi to appoint Guan Zhong, a man of extraordinary wisdom, as his minister, regardless of his past grudges.

Guan Zhong later recalled: “I once planned things for Bao Shu but made him even more complex and embarrassed, but Bao Shu did not think I was stupid; he knew that sometimes the times were good and sometimes they were not. I was expelled three times by the ruler of the country. Bao Shu did not think I was unworthy, for he knew I had not met with good fortune.

I have fought three times and run away three times. Bao did not think I was cowardly; he knew I had an old mother at home who needed support. He knew I was not ashamed of my trifles, but he was sorry I did not make my name known to the world.”

He said with emotion: “I was born by my parents, and the one who knows me is Bao Zi!”

This is the origin of the idiom “Guan Bao Zhi Jie,” which is often used by later generations as a metaphor for a friend with deep friendship. A good friend is a person who understands and helps you. The rest of your life, having a good friend subconsciously, all the way, will inevitably be good.

3. Receiving help from good people

As the saying goes, treasures are easy to find, but good people are difficult to come by.

A good person will face the storms of life with you. Through mutual support and companionship, they become a better version of themselves. In this world, having a good person with you is a lifetime of good luck and blessing. The best luck in this world is to meet the right person at the right time. 

The most important thing is to take one person’s hand, from the green silk to the white head, a house for two people, three meals a day for the four seasons, and a stable life.

People often say listening to the gentleman’s words is better than reading a decade of books. (Image: Socanski via Dreamstime)

4. Listening to good advice

People often say listening to the gentleman’s words is better than reading a decade of books.

There will always be complicated things in life, and it’s easy to be paranoid. But sometimes, a good word can make a person’s mind open and transparent. Since then, the trouble will be solved, and life will radically change.

Listening to good advice is to grow one’s wisdom, broaden your horizons enlarge the pattern of life. The improvement of yourself affects others around you. This is the most simple and effective way to succeed.

5. Grasping a good opportunity 

People will encounter numerous opportunities, some insignificant, some vital. If you can grasp onto it, you will directly affect a person’s fate.

So grab the excellent opportunity like a rock, ride the wind and waves, the clouds straight up. So may you meet good teachers, make good friends, attract good people to you, listen to good advice, and hold good opportunities.

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