The Unexpected Love Story of Zhang Wenzhong and Huang Meilun


Zhang discovered his friend was very much into hypnosis. (Image: Benjaminec via Dreamstime)

An astonishing story concerning a man and his future wife occurred in Changhua County, Taiwan. This story unfolds around a disappointed and emotionally frustrated Zhang Wenzhong.

Zhang Wenzhong was 30 years old; during his early years, he experienced many emotional setbacks in daily life and his various relationships. As a result, his morale had been dashed so much that he lost all hope of ever getting married during this lifetime.

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As he was engulfed by this sad state one day, he ventured outside, unexpectedly meeting his friend, Gao Xuelinji. They greeted each other and briefly exchanged their life situation since their last encounter. Intrigued, Zhang Wenzhong discovered his friend was very much into hypnosis.

Hypnosis is a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation that allows for improved focus and concentration. It also is called hypnotherapy.

Sunrise over the mountains – The Ancients held that one's actions determined that person's good and bad fortune.
His desire to see into his future became strong. (Image: kareni via Pixabay)

Undergoing hypnosis

Driven by curiosity, he accepted Zhang’s offer to undergo hypnosis; his desire to see into his future became strong.

Because of his initial skeptical view of hypnosis, Zhang jokingly told Gao that he wanted to see what his future wife would look like. As the session progressed, unexpectedly, Zhang Wenzhong entered into a hypnotic state; all of a sudden, he saw a beautiful girl visibly appear in his mind’s eye.

The girl surprisingly told him that her surname was Huang, and she lived in Xiluo, Yunlin.

After this session, Zhang Wenzhong said he didn’t think much about his vision and regarded it as a strange experience. Then, over two years passed, and one day, Zhang suddenly dreamt that the girl from his hypnosis session was taking pictures with him in a wedding dress.

Meeting his future wife

Two days later, he was invited to share morning tea and a catch-up chat with a friend who owned a health clinic in Tianwei Township. As he entered the clinic and approached the reception desk, he suddenly blushed in disbelief because standing before him was the girl from his hypnosis session.

Zhang Wenzhong calmed down and politely introduced himself.

As they conversed, he discovered that the girl was applying for a job at his friends’ health clinic. During the discussion, he found that she lived in Xiluo, and her surname was Huang. This series of “coincidences” made him believe that the girl in front of him was his future bride-to-be.

Zhang made it his mission to pursue this girl and ensure she became his future wife.

Huang told Zhang Wenzhong: 'I believe in fate and care more about how we would get along with each other; and as for believing in hypnosis or not, that is not important.'
Huang told Zhang Wenzhong: ‘I believe in fate and care more about how we would get along with each other; and as for believing in hypnosis or not, that is not important.’ (Image: CB007 via Dreamstime)

Honesty and kindness win her over

Huang Meilun did eventually become Zhang Wenzhong’s fiancée. She recalls how on the second day of meeting him, he told her directly: “You are my bride in this life!” He recounted the hypnosis experience with her, but Huang felt that it was just Zhang’s trick of trying to win her over.

Huang told Zhang: “I believe in fate and care more about how we would get along with each other; and as for believing in hypnosis or not, that is not important.”

As it turns out, Zhang’s honesty and kindness finally convinced Huang of his genuineness. She now experiences happiness and fully trusts Zhang as her lifelong partner.

Translated by Patty Zhang and edited by Maria

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