Top 5 Sales Books to Raise Your Game in 2023

Becoming successful in sales.

Jumping into cold water as a salesperson still requires some training to improve. (Image: Feng Yu via Dreamstime)

Are you a salesperson looking for some sales books so that you up your game going into 2023? Great!

Jumping into cold water as a salesperson still requires some training to improve. When you need direction, you often turn to literature for help. However, finding the right book is a challenging task.

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Searching for subjects about sales on Amazon yields an insane amount of book titles. Sifting through all the titles and reviews can be a cumbersome experience.

Without further ado, here is a comprehensive list of sales books, everything from prospecting to dealing with rejection and leadership advice.

The 5 top sales books

1. ‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ by Chet Holmes

What is the subject of this sales book?

Holmes gives proven tactics in his book for management, marketing, and sales on how to tune up and cook up practically every facet of your organization by spending just an hour each week on each key area you wish to enhance.

He debunks the classic blunder of impulsive salespeople jumping on new trends, instead suggesting a guiding principle focusing on a select twelve specific areas of improvement.

What is this for?

Sales managers and salespeople who aspire to be successful – in short, everyone with a sales propensity.

Why should you bother reading it?

It’s the “compact package of the most powerful life-changing principles that is fun and easy to read.”

'The Ultimate Sales Machine' by Chet Holmes.
‘The Ultimate Sales Machine’ by Chet Holmes. (Image: via Amazon)

2. ‘SPIN Selling’ by Neil Rackham

What is the subject of this sales book?

Rackham’s groundbreaking resource is the first to study marketing high-value products and services expressly.

SPIN Selling explains the innovative SPIN (Situation, Problem, Implication, Need-payoff) method, which will allow readers to significantly boost their sales funnel from key customers by simply following its straightforward, practical, and easy-to-apply procedures.

What is this for?

SPIN Selling is required reading for everyone who sells or manages a sales staff.

Why should you bother reading it?

SPIN Selling is the finest sales book for understanding and producing record-breaking high-end sales performance. It has real-world examples, fascinating visuals, insightful case studies, and rigorous research data.

3. ‘Secrets of Closing the Sale’ by Zig Ziglar

What is the subject of this sales book?

Ziglar’s book will teach you the winning strategies for eliciting favorable responses and completing agreements.

Ziglar’s tactics and recommendations, packed with engaging anecdotes and real-life examples, will teach you how to master the art of successful persuasion.

What is this for?

We all engage in sales, whether we are promoting a product or a concept, a service, or an idea. This book is for the classic salesperson – let Ziglar guide you to a good sale close.

Why should you bother reading it?

Ziglar’s success principles are simple to grasp and apply. And they have far-reaching consequences. His tried-and-true methods inspire you to approach your prospects enthusiastically and confidently.

'Secrets of Closing the Sale' by Zig Ziglar.
‘Secrets of Closing the Sale’ by Zig Ziglar. (Image: via Amazon)

4. ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ by Dale Carnegie

What is the subject of this sales book?

For more than sixty years, Dale Carnegie’s rock-solid, time-tested counsel in this book has propelled thousands of now-famous people up the success ladder.

In Carnegie’s classic sales handbook, learn the twelve methods to persuade people to your way of thinking, the nine ways to alter people without causing resentment, the six ways to make people like you, and the three essential tactics in dealing with people.

What is this for?

This is “THE” self-help book for learning to relate to others, which means it’s written for everyone. This is the best sales book for people and non-people people to lay the groundwork for your interpersonal skills.

Why should you bother reading it?

Because “no book is more important than this one.” Carnegie teaches timeless concepts in timeless methods, making this a true classic. Whether you’re a salesperson or not, Carnegie’s teachings will undoubtedly enlighten you.

5. ‘The Greatest Salesman in the World’ by Og Mandino

What is the subject of this salesbook?

Mandino’s book is a guide to a salesmanship and success philosophy told via the story of Hafid, a poor camel child who eventually reaches a life of wealth.

The primary pull of the book is the secrets hidden in the old scrolls, which will teach you salesmanship for the rest of your life. Suppose Mandino’s recommended reading structure is followed. It will take around 10 months to finish the book for the best reading experience.

What is this for?

The aspirant salesperson.

Why should you bother reading it?

It has been labeled the “compact package of the most powerful life-changing concepts that is enjoyable and simple to read.”

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