How to Foretell a Child’s Gender with a Chinese Gender Predictor

A young Chinese baby.

The Chinese Gender Predictor or Calendar is a traditional way of predicting a baby's gender upon birth. (Image: Jie Xu via Dreamstime)

The Chinese Gender Predictor or Calendar is a traditional way of predicting a baby’s gender upon birth. Centuries before ultrasounds were invented, people would use the Chinese gender calendar to know a child’s sex.

Predicting a baby’s gender is almost impossible without the use of modern technologies like ultrasounds. However, centuries ago, they had alternatives like the Chinese Gender Predictor as a way to tell a fetus’ gender.

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Learning about the Chinese gender calendar is an exciting way to dive deep into how the ancient Chinese once tried to tell a fetus’ sex.

Suppose you’re at least curious about how the ancient Chinese used this calendar to predict a fetus’ gender. In that case, this article will help explain how it worked and how it is perceived.

Although you are not recommended to follow this calendar, you can still compare the results to an ultrasound or other modern ways of telling your fetus’ gender.

A Chinese Gender Predictor. (Image: Public Domain)

How the Chinese Gender Predictor works

It is believed that the Chinese Gender Predictor accurately foretells the gender of a baby by looking at the lunar month that the baby was conceived and the mother’s age. 

The traditional way of using the Chinese Gender Predictor is to input the mother’s age and the month of the baby’s conception. 

Once those two pieces of information are entered, the Chinese Gender Predictor will answer whether the baby will be a boy or a girl. This method of predicting a baby’s gender has been in use for hundreds of years, though modern technology has improved the accuracy of the results.

The Chinese Gender Chart is based on the Chinese lunar calendar, consisting of alternating yin and yang cycles and the five elements. The table contains nine columns and seven rows corresponding to the two variables — age at conception and month of conception. 

A woman’s age is represented by the horizontal axis, while the columns represent the month of conception. For example, from the chart above, if the woman is 22 years old at conception and conceived in June, you can find the cell in the sixth column and fifth row to determine the baby’s female gender.

A mother and her baby.
The Chinese Gender Predictor is a centuries-old method of predicting a baby’s gender. (Image: Zdoragel via Dreamsworld)

The history of the Chinese Gender Predictor

The Chinese Gender Predictor is a centuries-old method of predicting a baby’s gender. It is believed to have been found in an ancient Chinese tomb and is said to date back to the Qing Dynasty. 

Although the exact origin of the calendar is unknown, it is believed to have originated in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). 

The Chinese Gender Predictor or Calendar is based on a complicated mix of ancient Chinese astrological calculations and traditional Chinese medicine. 

Depending on the region, the age calculation for the mother would either use the lunar age or the Gregorian age. The calendar was used primarily as a guide or a tool to help couples decide when planning to conceive a child. 

According to ancient records, royal families would use the calendar to help plan their pregnancies to ensure that the family dynasty would continue with a male heir. 

The calendar has been used for centuries and is still in use today, although modern scholars have disputed its accuracy. However, it is still widely used by many people and remains a popular topic of discussion in China.

In recent years, the calendar has become increasingly popular outside of China, with many people utilizing it as an unconventional method of predicting the sex of a baby before it is born.

The bottom line

Although the Chinese Gender Predictor may not be as precise as modern technology in determining a baby’s gender, it is still a fun way to learn about how people in the past tried to predict the gender of their children.

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