5 Projects You Should Add to Your Portfolio as a Developer

A web developer.

Building a portfolio is an effective way to present your capabilities as a developer. (Image: Pressmaster via Dreamstime)

Building a portfolio is an effective way to present your capabilities as a developer. A developer portfolio is a thing that contains your developer projects. In addition to projects, it contains multiple other components, like a contact form, bio, and links to source code.

A solid portfolio of projects can flaunt your professional experiences, which attracts potential clients and employers. It is also advantageous for entry-level developers in the field. 

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But how do you build convincing portfolio projects for developers? This article features all relevant projects you can add to your portfolio. If you find it confusing, keep reading. 

5 projects for your portfolio

1. Portfolio websites

A portfolio website showcases not just your accomplishments, but your personality as well. As a developer, it is essential to track all your performance progress. This involves more than project presentation. Besides, a well-presented portfolio website can make a great impression on your clients. So if you want to build a great portfolio website, consider the following. 

Identify your target audience

Before anything else, be sure to determine the essential details. Start with knowing who your target audience is and your building purpose. Additionally, you can add how you want to be acknowledged. Finally, you may highlight a specific skill and narrow it down.

Provide necessary details about your work

Every project has unique qualities. But your employer or client may need help if you add the necessary details. Regardless of your project type, providing a brief and comprehensive summary can be your edge over other developers. This way, you can also increase your website’s clickthrough rates. 

Add a personal touch

Aside from your exciting projects, employers are curious about the developer’s personality. Although your personal touches can be seen in your designs and projects, you should also work on your “About Me” page. For example, you can add your experiences, fun facts, or a hook statement.

A portfolio website showcases not just your accomplishments but your personality as well.
A portfolio website showcases not just your accomplishments but your personality as well. (Image: Korrawin Khanta via Dreamstime)

2. Clone websites

A clone website is another excellent feature for your portfolio. Building website clones can aid in prior testing for your projects. Website cloning allows developers to simulate their projects before the final launch. By adding this to your portfolio, clients can examine your assessment and building capabilities. 

Clone websites also present your developer techniques, an excellent way to display your “design-to-code” expertise.

3. Application programming interface (API) projects

Various large-scale developer projects involve application programming interfaces (API). API serves as a gateway for software-to-software interactions. Generally, it allows developers to share and retrieve necessary data. Through this, your products can be swiftly interconnected to other projects. 

As a developer, it is crucial to show off this technical skill. Presenting your API projects can demonstrate your proficiency in modifying and collecting data from a database. API projects can include software bots, e-commerce, travel booking, and weather snippets websites/applications.

An API (Application Program Interface) is a software intermediary that allows two unrelated applications to talk to each other.
An API (application programming interface) is a software intermediary that allows two unrelated applications to talk to each other. (Image: Public Domain)

4. CRUD (Create-Read-Update-Delete) web application

Create-Read-Update-Delete (CRUD) is a common operation feature in websites and applications. CRUD is a process that entails four-step data management operations. Additionally, CRUD is used in database design. 

With CRUD, software developers can regulate the web application’s performance. It enables developers to monitor requirements and scalability. At the same time, end-users can also benefit from this operation. For example, end users can easily create blogs and register on websites. Therefore, CRUD is essential for both developers and end-users welfare. 

The basic form of the CRUD application is a Notes webpage or To-Do List. Featuring this in your portfolio can demonstrate your mastery of handling data structures and frameworks. 

5. Website with competitive score performance

Building websites and applications that surpass the requirements display your skills as a developer. Exhibiting a website with a competitive score performance is advantageous for a developer’s portfolio projects. In addition, it proves your adherence to best-developing practices. If you want to know how, here are helpful ways to assess your website’s performance. 

  • Create helpful and relevant website content
  • Optimize your preferred coding system. You can choose Javascript or HTML
  • Utilize Chrome Lighthouse to generate a comprehensive audit report

What is Chrome Lighthouse?

Lighthouse is a valuable tool for improving webpage quality. You can include it in your browser’s extension for convenient installation. Lighthouse assists your website’s performance by providing a scored report in selected categories. These include accessibility, search engine optimization (SEO), overall website performance, and best practices.  

Ready to build your portfolio?

Looking back at the five best features, creating portfolio projects for developers requires excellent strategy and creativity. Yet, it will be enjoyable as you apply these suggestions. Plus, you don’t have to build them separately. You can employ these features in a masterpiece, like a JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) file.

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