Inner Peace and Health Are Your Greatest Wealth for 2023

The road leading to 2023.2023

For 2023, we can take three recommended health, happiness, and success courses. (Image: Tortoon via Dreamstime)

“Blessings never come together, and misfortunes never come alone.” Good luck or misfortune, inner peace, and health change with your thoughts and attitudes throughout life. Your spontaneous thoughts are your most significant wealth. In any situation, your intuitive thought will determine the outcome.

How you see any event is up to you. If you view any event that happens to you as a disaster, it may turn out that way. If you see it as a blessing, it will be that way. When you encounter a situation that makes you miserable, and what you do is only complain and suffer from it, you will generate more problems along with it. 

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Conversely, you can adopt a positive attitude toward everything, not complain or feel sad, face it bravely, and move forward optimistically. Before you know it, bad luck has gone far away, and good fortune has arrived. 

For 2023, we can take three recommended health, happiness, and success courses

First phrase: Normalcy is important 

The gains and losses of life are played out almost every day. 

Life is mixed; troubles and opportunities come suddenly; in clear skies, there will always be some haze; even in a peaceful life, there will always be some waves. 

In the face of the ups and downs of life, do not complain about anything, and get used to facing everything firmly, confidently, and optimistically. This is because positive feelings have a magnetic field that will drive away things that are not of the same frequency, and in this way, bad luck will go away, and good fortune will stay! 

In the face of the ups and downs of life, do not complain about anything, and get used to facing everything firmly, confidently, and optimistically.
In the face of the ups and downs of life, do not complain about anything, and get used to facing everything firmly, confidently, and optimistically. (Image: via Pixabay)

Second phrase: Life will support those who work hard 

Life will not fail those who work hard, and for those who work hard, there will be no regrets — come what may! 

In life, if you do not walk the road, you will not experience what it is like, nor can you feel what it is like walking on this section of the road. 

If your life is destined to have a thorny road, you must go through it bravely, look ahead, and walk without retreating no matter how fierce or strong the winds and rains may be! 

After traveling along the road, regardless of whether there is success or failure, you will not regret it because your life wisdom is built on experience, and experience precipitates the knowledge that makes you stronger and wiser! 

If you have a carefree life and nothing goes wrong, you may not have the experience, wisdom, inner strength, or endurance to bear hardships, and you may not be able to withstand the slightest setbacks in life. 

There are always two sides to everything. Only with experience can you know what anything is like and how you can change and improve. 

Why does good luck always favor those who work hard and never give up? 

Regardless of success or failure, people who work hard will not be discouraged. Even if they fall, they choose to get up and never give up; the obstacles and the hardships eventually pass away! 

No matter how many good things there are, health is the best!
No matter how many good things there are, health is the best! (Image: Siam Pukkato via Dreamstime)

Third phrase: Your health is your wealth 

In 2023, no matter how many good things there are in life, health is the best! So treasure it and look after yourself. Don’t wait until it is gone to treasure it.  

You may have expensive cars or houses, but the most valuable asset is still health! 

Good health is better than a ton of gold! 

Health is the winner! 

It does not matter if your house is big or small; comfort is essential; 

It does not matter if you make a lot of or less money; contentment is precious;  

Do not always work overtime or stay up late at the expense of your health; 

Do not always smoke and drink to excess that harms your body; 

Do not spend all night playing video games.  

Do not wait until you are very, very sick or uncomfortable, and then only regret your shortcomings and come to understand the value of health. 

Health is the most valuable thing in anyone’s life. Being free from disease and pain is a great blessing!   

In the face of the current epidemic, your greatest wish for everyone is to be healthy and safe. 

So in 2023, there is nothing better to ask for! 

The effort is what all of us should put in to stay connected and reach out to family, friends, and colleagues.  

Life is what you make it

We hope that in 2023, all of you will be safe and well, and that your families stay in good health. 

We hope that all of you take good care of yourselves, have healthy bodies, and reap the blessings of a lifetime! Look up from your mobile phone now and again. Then, go out in the sunshine a bit more. There are lots of other things to see and enjoy. 

The outlook for this year, 2023, is — onward and upward. Especially take refuge and sanctuary in being righteous in all your ways. 

Translated by Chua BC 

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