A Man Donated Blood and Unexpectedly Saved His Future Wife

A man donating blood.

Mr. Lian has been donating blood regularly for many years. (Image: Sasi Ponchaisang via Dreamstime)

The slogan “Donate Blood and Save a Life” may sound familiar. However, a man in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, “donated blood platelets and found his future wife.”

Mr. Lian has been donating blood regularly for many years. He presented a bag of platelets, and this saved a woman who later became his wife.

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According to The Central News Agency (CNA) in Taiwan, Mr. Lian has donated blood every three months since he was 20. Ms. Lin was a teacher who returned to her hometown in Hsinchu, Taiwan, to take over the family business in 2015.

She met 47-year-old Lian through their work connection. They began dating and subsequently felt an incredible bond. Ms. Lin joked, “He even knows when I’m making faces behind him.”

Ms. Lin fell ill at work in Taipei City and was taken to the emergency room (ER). (Image: Mark Winfrey via Dreamstime)

One day, after they started dating, Ms. Lin visited his home and spotted several blood donation toys (little dolls given to donors). When she found out that he donated blood and platelets regularly, she told him of an experience that occurred 11 years ago.

Ms. Lin needed a blood transfusion and platelets

Ms. Lin fell ill at work in Taipei City and was taken to the emergency room (ER). She lost consciousness and lost much blood. She was given ten bags of blood via transfusion in the ER. After that, her platelet levels fell, and she was given two bags of platelets. “If it were not for the blood transfusion, I probably would not be here,” she said.

After listening to her story, Mr. Lian joked: “You probably used my platelets.” So she inquired around and discovered that he was the donor and his platelets saved her life.

In an interview with ET Today, Ms. Lin said: “The nurse told me that platelets are essential and precious, so I was grateful to the donor. After that, I inquired with the hospital and the blood donation center, thinking it could be Mr. Lian’s platelets.

But due to personal privacy law, they were unwilling to disclose any information. It took me two months to get some evidence. Finally, I was told that the blood donation facility was in Hsinchu, and the platelets came from Mr. Lian.”

“Unbelievable! The blood that saved me came from my boyfriend. Our relationship is truly meant to be,” said Ms. Lin.

Image of the sun transformed into the shape of a heart shining through the clouds over the sea in a red sky.
“Unbelievable! The blood that saved me came from my boyfriend. Our relationship is truly meant to be,” said Ms. Lin. (Image: Dmitrii Melnikov via Dreamstime)

Mr. Lian said: “Although we are ten years apart, we seem to be connected at a deep level. We got married in March 2018 after dating for more than two years. So our marriage is predestined.” Not long ago, the news said there was a shortage of blood donations.

Ms. Lin, although a recipient, can’t donate blood for health reasons, but she posted their incredible story on Facebook to encourage people to donate blood. Mr. Lian said with a smile: “Everyone should donate. Perhaps you will save your future wife.”

Those who know their story agree that their union is quite impressive.

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