Malicious Rumors and Lies Can Incur Terrible Retribution

Two women gossiping.

This is one of the bizarre cases that happened in the recent past. But it is possibly representative of what can go terribly wrong when malicious rumors and gossip are taken too far. (Image: Aniram via Dreamstime)

Disaster does not happen by chance. It is the best proof of the iron law of cause and effect. From related bizarre and interlocking events, it can help people believe that retribution does come about!

This is one of the bizarre cases that happened in the recent past. But it is possibly representative of what can go badly wrong when malicious rumors and gossip are taken too far. 

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Fatal retribution

There is a bridge in the countryside on the outskirts of a city. In the middle of the night, some villagers reported to the police that a person was seen hanging from the bridge. When the police rushed to the scene, they found that it was a woman who had committed suicide.

The woman was identified as having come from a nearby village. However, an even more shocking scene awaited the police when they arrived at the woman’s house. In the woman’s home, the dead body of a child under one year old was lying on the bed.  

When the police arrived at the woman’s house, the husband did not know that his wife had committed suicide. Instead, he was crying over his dead child, telling the police what had happened.

It turned out that although the situation was harrowing, it was not as complicated as was initially thought. The husband went out for a drink with a friend, and the wife was alone at home taking care of their child.  

After the husband returned home, the wife quarreled with him, accusing him of having an affair with another woman outside. Finally, in a rage, the husband left the house to find a friend for a drink.

Smoking and drinking are habits to break to live a longer life. 98170533 © Mihail Ivanov |
The husband went out for a drink with a friend, and the wife was alone at home taking care of their child. (Image: Mihail Ivanov via Dreamstime)

Missed an early warning sign

The woman was furious, so she sent a text message to her husband asking him to come back to take care of the child and saying that she would not take care of the child anymore.  

At that time, the man was very drunk and did not notice the text message. When he returned home, he found that the child had kicked off the bed quilt and had frozen to death. In this local rural house, there was no heat.

The distressed man did not know that his wife had hung herself, and he angrily told the police that it was because of his wife’s mistake that the child froze to death. When the police said his wife had hung herself, he passed out on the floor without saying a word.

Due to a wicked loose tongue and trivial matters, two lives were lost, and a happy family was shattered. After careful investigation, it was confirmed that this was a suicide case with no foul play, so the case was closed.

Source of the rumor

During the investigation, it was found that the instigator behind this tragedy was Lee, who lived in the same town and repaired motorcycles for a living. Lee, in his fifties, had been divorced for many years and was living alone. He was a gossip monger who regularly made up stories to provoke and break up people’s relationships for fun.

Lee told the woman that her husband was having an affair outside, and his details and description were vivid and real. This so-called affair was just a malicious rumor.

Many villagers reported that Lee liked to wallow in this provocative rumor-mongering resulting in discord between husbands and wives. Moreover, whenever Lee heard that his devious provocations had succeeded, he was excited and bragged while drinking with friends.

The man suffered retribution when he accidentally drank a solvent.
He picked up a bottle from a shelf and took a sip in a daze. (Image: Benjamin Dupont via Dreamstime)

Not a crime, but morally corrupt

Albeit, this malicious gossip may not constitute a crime, the woman died because of believing in Lee’s lies and concoctions about her husband, so Lee could not be charged with murder. The police could only reprimand him.

Only a few months later, something bazaar happened to Lee. One night, he was drunk at a friend’s house. After returning to his repair shop, he got up in the middle of the night for a drink. He picked up a bottle from a shelf and took a sip in a daze.  

Unexpectedly, this was not wine but a solvent used for removing paint. Its temperature is extremely low, and it can freeze anything in just two seconds after use.

Karmic retribution strikes

Lee passed out on the spot. Someone who was with Lee sent him to the hospital on time. The doctor found that his tongue was frozen like an intricate ice sculpture, and with a slight touch, the tongue fell off.  

The doctor diagnosed that not only did he lose his tongue, but his entire mouth was also frozen. As a result, he had to depend on a gastronomic tube inserted through his belly to bring nutrition directly to his stomach for the rest of his life. This is an example of instant karmic retribution fo evil acts.

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