Walking Is the Best Exercise

A family out walking.

The happiness of a family requires the full cooperation of every family member. (Image: Lifeontheside via Dreamstime)

Walking is a low-impact exercise that’s great for everything. It frees us from the shackles of work and life, and frees our bodies, brains, and minds. Sometimes when you really can not think of something or you’re bored sitting in the house for a long time, go ahead and push open the door to go outside for a walk. There will be a feeling of clarity. In this life, the most real and transparent way to live involves taking walks.

Enrich the body

There is an old folk saying: “Out of a hundred exercises, walking is the first.”

Walking every day exercises the leg muscles and unblocks the meridians. At the same time, it can also strengthen the heart and lung capacity and improve the body’s immunity, thereby prolonging life. It is the best way to enrich the body. Good health is the foundation of everything, and you can achieve that by simply going for walks every day.

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Walking is the best way to maintain your health. It really does give you the power of life. Life is like a long journey, and on this journey, there are all kinds of people. Some of them quit in the middle of doing something. When you keep doing this, you will be healthier than the majority of people and advance in the right direction for the rest of your life.

Nourish the soul

Walking will clear your mind.
Walking will clear your mind. (Image: Lifeontheside via Dreamstime)

The process of walking is a good way to lose yourself. All worries and anxieties will be dismantled one by one in the body’s stride forward. If you are bored at the moment, why not go out for a walk? You will feel the world in the movement of your feet as you let your mind roam between heaven and earth.

When you learn to balance your life by walking, your mind will become clearer and your heart will become more abundant. In the Song Dynasty, Su Shi was deported many times and his life was in a downward spiral. Even as open-minded as Su Shi was, inevitably he became depressed. When he was deported to Danzhou at the age of 62, he even prepared his coffin. But Su Shi did not sulk. Instead, he pushed himself to take a brisk walk of ten miles every morning until his whole body was warm and his limbs were stretched.

Nature is amazing in that it can calm people and give them spiritual strength. Walking in nature is the most powerful nourishment for the soul. In our spare time, let’s take a break from the chains of life, take a walk, and let our restless hearts return to peace.

Walking is not about how far you go, or how much time you spend doing it. It’s just about walking itself. Focus on activity, even if it is a short stroll. You can find a different world, and a different self.

The easiest healthcare

The changes brought about by walking will not be visible in a day or two, but when you persist at it for a long time, you will find that your outlook will be completely different.

Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: 'Walking is the best medicine.'
Hippocrates, the father of medicine, said: ‘Walking is the best medicine.’ (Image: Mineria6 via Dreamstime)

Measuring the world with your feet and breathing fresh air can put your mind in a state of relaxation. Walking every day is the best way to maintain health and the best way to live. In your later years, the best way to maintain health is to keep walking, meditate to nourish the mind, and use movement to cultivate the body.

Walking is the best medicine. When you start doing this, life is full of sunshine!

Translated by Eva

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