China’s Unprecedented Death Toll: 400 Million Die in Three Years Due to CCP Cover-Up 

Airport personnel clean the departure terminal from any contamination while the Beijing Winter Olympics athletes and personnel travel back to their countries after closing ceremonies in Beijing, Chaoyang, China.

The death toll in China over the past three years due to COVID-19 has taken on a new dimension based on recently leaked information. (Image: Walter Arce via Dreamstime)

According to reputable sources, a new CCP cover-up has come to light. The Shanghai Public Security Bureau database recently leaked inside information that confirmed China’s population to be only about 1 billion.

Shanghai Public Security Bureau database leak 

Hackers obtained 23 TB of massive data for residents’ personal data (named ChinaDan) and publicly sold it on cybercrime forums when the Shanghai Public Security database was invaded in early July 2022.  

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Two different security researchers confirmed that a table in the database containing names, birthdays, addresses, ID cards, and ID photos contained approximately 970 million rows.  

When the news of the leak broke out in July 2022, many were skeptical that the hackers had obtained only partial data, given that the CCP had claimed that China’s population was 1.4 billion. However, a closer analysis of the clues revealed that the database was hosted on Alibaba Cloud and was the search backup database of the Shanghai Public Security Bureau, meaning that the hackers had obtained the complete database.  

CCP’s zero-clearing and sealing-off policies 

The 400 million difference between the 1 billion population in the database and the 1.4 billion population claimed by the CCP can only be explained by a large-scale epidemic death. It is widely believed that the CCP’s zero-clearing and sealing-off policies were ineffective, but in fact, their motive was to cover up the real death toll by transferring suspected infected communities and blocking the news of deaths.  

This was confirmed by a Xinjiang official who was photographed in a meeting a few months ago, where he admitted that the number of deaths can only be covered up by the closure and control. Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, also said that the CCP has been covering up the epidemic for more than three years, and that when the current epidemic wave ends, 500 million people will have died in China.  

Beijing empty street. A dystopian glimpse of what the near future could look like if the death tolls due to Covid-19 continue. (Image: xiaoyong via Dreamstime)

CCP cover-up of the SARS epidemic in 2003 

This is not the first time the CCP has covered up a large-scale death toll. During the SARS epidemic in 2003, 200 million people died in China, and the CCP only discovered the population decrease later and immediately released the two-child and three-child systems.  

Calculations of China’s real death toll 

It is impossible to get the real figures due to the CCP’s cover-up, but a reasonable calculation can be made. In July 2022, China’s 1.4 billion people minus the Shanghai Public Security Bureau’s database of 1 billion people equals 400 million people. Even after taking into account the 50 million extra-birth children who did not have ID cards and other abnormal situations that are not in the system, there is still a gap of 350 million. Combined with the epidemic situation in China in recent months, it is credible to conclude that the epidemic’s death toll in China was 400 million in three years.  

Presenter Leigh Smith speaking about the 300 million Chinese people who have quit the CCP and affiliated organizations. (Image: Patrick Murphy)

Quitting the CCP to ensure safety 

It is a tragedy that the CCP disregards human life and has covered up such a detrimental death toll. In order to survive and not be buried with the CCP, people must quickly find a way to quit the CCP and its organizations. By registering under a pseudonym and withdrawing from the CCP, people will have nothing to lose and will be able to ensure their safety.  

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