Top Dog Breeds That Are Free From Shedding and Smell

A basenji dog.

The basenji doesn’t emit that foul odor, and as long as you keep it clean, it will remain fresh and cozy. (Image: Sergey Rusakov via Dreamstime)

Want to own a dog, but the thought of a smelly house with shedding all over is scaring you? Don’t worry; there are dog breeds that are shed- and smell-free.

Some dog breeds are super lovable, but the problem is that they either shed too much or smell. Because of this, many people become turned off by dogs, and instead of giving a poor woof a home, they abandon the idea.

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The good news is that there are dog breeds that don’t shed or smell and are perfect if you want a cleaner and less smelly home.

If you’re looking for the top dog breeds that won’t bring that musky dog smell into your home and won’t shed, you’ve come to the right place.

The top dog breeds that won’t make your home a mess


The basenji is a short-haired dog who looks sharp as a fox without excessive fluff. Although it might not look fluffy, its short fur makes it extra comfortable to pet and play with.

The basenji also doesn’t emit that foul odor, and as long as you keep it clean, it will remain fresh and cozy. Another bonus to this dog breed is its long life and can live for up to 14 years.

Regarding habitat, the basenji prefers clean environments, so if you are the same, you can jive with this breed.


The dachshund is often known as the “hot dog” because of its elongated body and short legs. This cute dog breed is known for its short and comfortable fur, making it easy to keep clean, and it doesn’t shed all over the place.

Another bonus is that you won’t spend hours grooming your pet because of its short fur. The only maintenance it needs is probably a bath and trim every once in a while.

The dachshund is often known as the 'hot dog' because of its elongated body and short legs.
The dachshund is often known as the ‘hot dog’ because of its elongated body and short legs. (Image: Lilun via Dreamstime)


Although the whippet loves to exercise and has high energy, they are great companions at home because they do not stink up the place. The whippet is excellent if you want a larger dog at home without the added odor.

Whippets have long, slender, and sleek body frames; their best living environment would be a place with a yard. As long as they get to roam around, they will live long and happy lives.


This majestic breed is known for being a part of ancient Aztecs as loyal guards and watchdogs. A hairless variety of these dogs does not shed and remains slender throughout.

However, because it does not have hair, it is essential to apply sunscreen protection, since its skin is more sensitive to damage. However, in terms of shedding, you won’t have to worry about anything.

Boston terrier

The Boston terrier may seem like a strict and serious dog, but it is very affectionate and gentle. These loyal dogs have very minimal shed because of their short hair; as long as they are bathed regularly, they will not stink up the place.

If you regularly groom a Boston terrier, but they still stink, you may want to look at its ears for any signs of an infection.

The Boston terrier may seem like a strict and serious dog, but it is a very affectionate and gentle dog breed.
The Boston terrier may seem like a strict and serious dog, but it is a very affectionate and gentle dog breed. (Image: Waldemar Dabrowski via Dreamstime)

Peruvian Inca Orchid

This dog has a hairless variety that can be small, medium, or even large. Additionally, these dogs are known to require exercise for their energy needs.

Because they lack hair, they require the same care and attention as the xoloitzcuintli, which means sunscreen and other protection against extreme temperatures.

How to avoid the smell

The thing about dogs, like all creatures, if they do not have healthy hygiene routines, they will end up smelling no matter what. So ideally, you would want to bathe your dog every once in a while.

Since the dogs above have either short hair or no hair at all, there is little to no requirement to brush or stroke their fur. While you might not need to worry about shedding or smell, each dog has unique needs.

Make sure to learn more about the type of dog breed you are getting before you decide to get a dog.

The bottom line

If you want to own a dog, but find it very inefficient and even challenging to maintain, the breeds mentioned above are options you can consider when looking for an easy-to-maintain dog.

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