How to Conquer Fear and Make Connections by Trying Something New

A guitar propped up against a pillow.

When was the last time you tried something new? (Image: via Pixabay)

When was the last time you tried something new? Trying something new is not only an excellent way for you to grow, but it’s also an essential part of experiencing life. Learn about the top reasons to try something new.

Trying something new initially seems daunting, but it is integral to human development. When you stop trying new things, you stop growing; when you stop growing, your life pauses.

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While some people are genuinely comfortable staying where they are, others allow themselves to be taken over by fear and discomfort, stopping them from trying something new.

Let’s talk about why it’s essential to try something new every once in a while.

Learning new talents

Picking up a new talent is a good source of confidence and a form of entertainment and gives you a sense of achievement when you learn it.

Learning new talents also lets your mind untangle wires glued together for years to try and learn something new.

You’ll get a new perspective on how the new discipline works and be able to calm your brain and focus on something unique. New can also be exciting, and picking up a new talent could add joy to your life.

You can try many things, from music to art, but there are other niches, like pottery, that you could experiment with if you want something out of the ordinary.

Women painting a scene of sailboats on the ocean in an art class.
Learning new talents also lets your mind untangle wires glued together for years to try and learn something new. (Image: Iuliia Alekseeva via Dreamstime)

Make connections

Trying new things opens the doors to help you make connections. Usually, people have to find something in common to talk to, and if you try something new, that spark of randomness could lead you to meet something new.

While it takes a lot of courage to talk to someone, and often you need something to talk to when meeting them, you can practice turning a perfect stranger into a friend.

You can start by taking a class and conversing with the people around you. Not only will this help you build friends, but you can also network to unlock new opportunities.

Gain experience

When you try something new, you’ll be able to gain experience in something you’ve never done before. This means allowing you to unlock another side of yourself or learn something you can use later.

Trying something new related to your career can also boost your chances of getting a job and can be added to your resume.

While trying something new can be challenging at first, when you keep on learning something you’ve never known, you also build adaptability, which will help you in future situations where you’ll need to adapt to survive.

Trying something new related to your career can also boost your chances of getting a job and can be added to your resume.
Trying something new related to your career can also boost your chances of getting a job and can be added to your resume. (Image: Otherlet via Dreamstime)

Find inspiration

Curiosity is already a massive source of inspiration, and if you can’t pinpoint what makes you happy or inspires you, it is an easy way to look for the next thing you might fall in love with.

Most things start with curiosity; if you are smart, you can feed your interest and find inspiration in the world. However, you never know what you’ll find when you try something new.

You might fall in love with a new hobby, practice, discipline, or simply trying new things. Once you have that inspiration, you can use it to further your career, personal life, and even happiness.

Give yourself confidence

Many people love staying in their comfort zone, which often stunts their growth. If you aren’t used to trying something new, start with baby steps and build your way up.

You can eat something you’ve never tried before (as long as you aren’t allergic to it) or go to a place you wouldn’t usually go to, like a museum or the park.

Once you try doing the small things, you can level up to bigger things, like wearing something nice that you might not be comfortable putting on or talking to someone you’re a little too shy to talk to.

The bottom line

Trying something new is good for growth, and if you aren’t comfortable with significant changes, start with little ones and build your way up.

The more you open your world to something new, the more things you’ll see, learn, or experience that could improve your life, mind, and even happiness.

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