Hunger Persists Without Enough Protein

There’s so much confusion on dietary advice these days. One consistent theme is “no one size” fits all. Genetics, current lifestyle (diet and activity level), age, and sex differences all play a role.

If you’re metabolically efficient, meaning that you hold a good amount of lean muscle mass, you’ll burn fuel much better!

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Not only is protein important for building and maintaining muscle, but new research shows that the body has a sensing mechanism to detect when enough amino acids have been consumed. So when you eat the right amount of protein (which contains amino acids), the brain will stop signaling that you are hungry.

One thing you’ll notice in most elderly people is that they naturally have less muscle than in their younger years. The reason is that the ability to hold onto muscle declines with age. Age-related muscle loss (the technical term is “sarcopenia”) is a major cause of weight gain, falls, and fractures in most elderly.

Strength training exercises are one useful driver to remedy muscle loss. But what’s most often overlooked is the right nutrition for muscle growth.

The highest levels of muscle growth will not be achieved by strength training alone. Protein dosing, protein timing, along with some key supplementation, all play a part in creating and sustaining muscle mass.

I’ll cover more details on this in today’s video.

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