How a Dream Solved Hong Kong’s Shocking Murder Case

Hong Kong celebrity Cai Tianfeng.

The murder of Hong Kong celebrity, Cai Tianfeng, has deeply shocked the general public. (Image: Cai Tianfeng via Instagram)

This year, a sensational piece of news in Hong Kong was the mysterious murder and dismemberment of Cai Tianfeng, a celebrity in the city. The incident has deeply shocked the general public.

On February 21, 2023, Cai Tianfeng’s family reported her disappearance to the police. With no leads to go on, the police faced the challenge of not knowing where to begin their search or whether Cai Tianfeng was still alive. After some time had passed, the police were able to recover some of her limbs from a house in the district of Tai Po, Hong Kong.

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But how did the police manage to find Cai Tianfeng’s body parts? What possible clues led them to this discovery? It turns out that an unusual source provided them with this information.

Cai Tianfeng appeared to her mother in a dream after her murder

According to a report by New Tang Dynasty Television, former singer Zhou Yingjie (now known as Qingxi Song) was a close friend of Cai Tianfeng. In an interview with a Hong Kong newspaper, he revealed that Cai Tianfeng had appeared to her mother in a dream after her murder.

On that night, Cai’s mother dreamed that her daughter was in a place where there were many dogs barking and many monkeys, and she mentioned the name “Tai Po.” Cai’s mother said she had never been to Tai Po before, but the experience was so strange that she later told the police about it.

The mother of Cai dreamed that her murdered daughter told her she was in Hong Kong's Tai Po district.
Cai’s mother dreamed that her daughter told her she was in Hong Kong’s Tai Po district. (Image: Wirestock via Dreamstime)

According to the story from Cai’s mother, they finally found parts of Cai Tianfeng’s limbs in a village house. The Hong Kong police said Cai Tianfeng was killed in a house in Lung Mei Village, a place her ex-husband’s father rented a few weeks before the crime. This house is located in Tai Po — the exact place that Cai’s mother had mentioned seeing in her dream.

Regarding the incident, Zhou expressed: “It’s true. I felt horrified when I heard about it.” He further disclosed that Cai Tianfeng’s current husband informed him of strange occurrences at their residence. For instance, after Cai Tianfeng was killed, a moth entered the house and stayed there throughout the night; this was unusual since there had never been a moth in the house before. Cai Tianfeng’s husband believed that his wife had transformed into a moth and had come to visit the family.

Cai Tianfeng’s murder was a gruesome act of violence committed by her ex-husband’s family. They decapitated and dismembered her body before attempting to dispose of it. However, they failed to realize that there are forces beyond the human world. Even in death, Cai’s spirit persisted and appeared in her mother’s dream, revealing the location of her body. It is a reminder that actions have consequences and that higher beings, including the soul of the deceased, will not spare those who commit such atrocities.

In fact, there are many examples from history where dreams have revealed the truth. According to the section on dreams and their interpretation in the Yongle Encyclopedia, during the Southern Song Dynasty’s Yongchu and Yuanjia periods (approximately 420-453), when the Jiu Zhen Governor Zhuge Fu passed away, his eldest son, Zhuge Yuanchong, escorted his father’s funeral boat and belongings back north.

Early morning view over the Li river, Yangshuo, China.
When Zhuge Fu passed away, his eldest son escorted his father’s funeral boat and belongings back north. (Image: Ecophoto via Dreamstime)

Zhuge Fu’s student, He Faseng, plotted to steal his wealth. Therefore, he and an accomplice murdered his son, Zhuge Yuanchong, by pushing him into the water, and drowning him. The two then divided Zhuge’s family fortune between them.

Zhuge Yuanchong’s mother dreamed of her son mourning his father’s death and his own murder, and she woke up in grief. She wrote a letter detailing her dream and entrusted the government to trace the case.

The officials intercepted Zhuge Fu’s funeral boat and checked the dates of the deaths of the father and son, which matched the details from the mother’s dream. The culprits were caught, confessed to the crime, and were executed according to the law.

What do the above two stories reveal?

Firstly, they tell us that the soul is a real entity. Even after the physical body disintegrates, the soul endures.

Secondly, the existence of the soul implies the existence of a higher power, such as God. This power is all-seeing and all-knowing, and no misdeed goes unnoticed or unpunished. There are consequences to our actions, both in this world and the next.

Translated by Audrey Wang

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