Top 7 Nutritional Solutions for Brain Fog

We all have days when we just can’t focus and everything feels a bit fuzzy. It’s called brain fog, and it can be overwhelming for those who know they’re not used to normally feeling this way. Particularly for women over 40, brain fog is a common symptom because of the hormone changes that come with menopause.

But the good news is, the right nutrition can help clear your mind and boost concentration. Your brain has inbuilt designs for this balance, when given the right nutrients and other supports to do that.

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When your brain chemistry is out of balance, you’re unable to think and feel your best.

So the remedy is to:

  • Give the brain what it needs
  • Avoid the triggers or obstacles that block your brain from optimal function

We talk about the top 7 nutritional solutions for brain fog in today’s video.

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