Everyday Sundae: Free Ice Cream Hub for Extending Kindness to Others

The Everyday Sundae ice cream shop.

You might not be thinking about ice cream this winter, but there is a shop in D.C. that’s pleasantly warming people’s hearts. (Image: via everydaysundaedc.com)

Whenever you feel sad, happy, in fear, mad, or in any emotion — there’s one thing that could make up for it: an ice cream. Habitually, ice cream is your go-to dessert whenever you want to feel good or elevate your emotions. A dessert made of pasteurizing and blended dairy products, typically milk, condensed milk, butterfat, and cream. 

Ice cream indeed provides a kind of positive feeling. But that’s not all, though. For example, do you know that a scoop of ice cream spreads kindness in one community? It is from a shop in Kennedy St. N.W., Washington, D.C., called Everyday Sundae. So if you’re curious how a scoop of ice cream became the way for people to show kindness, keep reading.

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The creation of Everyday Sundae

Everyday Sundae’s ice cream shop was launched on Kennedy St.. in Washington, D.C., on July 4, 2021. The ice cream shop was established by a man named Charles Foreman.

Everyday Sundae is deeply based on the fact that Charles Foreman was fired from his job in the restaurant industry. His unemployment, he reasoned, was a sign from the universe that he should pursue his true passion. At that point, he perceived that his being out of work showed the universe that he needed to do something that would make him happy. 

Just like you, ice cream makes Charles Foreman happy. Mr. Foreman envisions creating a space for the neighborhood to call its own and addressing the area’s needs. He wants to do well in life so that his mother will be pleased, and he also wants to be an example for his children and his community.

Everyday Sundae’s mission is to serve its ever-evolving community with warmth and kindness while providing the best customer service possible and ice cream.

Just like you, ice cream makes Charles Foreman (left) happy.
Just like you, ice cream makes Charles Foreman (left) happy. (Image: everydaysundaedc.com)

The story of a free scoop of ice cream

In this ice cream shop, the owner always makes sure that every person who enters Everyday Sundae will get a free scoop whether they have money or not. 

This act of kindness by Mr. Foreman came from his perception of every customer that walks into his shop. He can distinguish when a customer doesn’t have the means to buy their product and who’s not. So if he senses one, he will give a scoop to them for free. 

Everyday Sundae is beyond a space to secure a sweet treat; it’s a place of opportunity to contribute to a greater good in the community and extend kindness.

It is because Mr. Foreman’s community has encountered difficulties, such as crimes and violence. So for him, the business he established can be a way to make a positive change. Also, a small act of kindness can inspire youngsters.

The act of giving generates kindness in the community

Indeed, a small act of kindness can make a difference. Mr. Foreman’s generosity toward his community inspires others to share their generosity. One fine day, a woman, who was a member of a group of mothers that went every Friday to Everyday Sundae, came to the shop.

That day, Nicole Harkin witnessed Foreman giving a free cone of ice cream to a kid who didn’t have any money. Mrs. Harkin returned the following week and handed Mr. Foreman an envelope bearing his name. Once she had left, Mr. Foreman opened the envelope to find $100 inside.

Foreman was moved by the act of kindness and shared his appreciation on social media. Buyers began giving him additional money to buy ice cream for strangers, setting off a domino effect of generosity. The ice cream shop’s customers initiated a “pay it forward” chain that went on for hours, with one person buying a scoop for the person waiting behind them. 

Foreman actively engages in various community events and activities throughout the year, from coat donations and movie evenings to summer suds celebrations for kids. Ultimately, he wants his ice cream business to do good in the neighborhood.

A small act of kindness can make a difference. Mr. Foreman's generosity toward his community inspires others to share their generosity.
A small act of kindness can make a difference. Mr. Foreman’s generosity toward his community inspires others to share their generosity. (Image: everydaysundaedc.com)

Walk away with a cone and a smile

An act of random generosity can change someone’s life for the better. Consumers at the D.C. ice cream parlor epitomize this attitude. All it takes is kindness to start a snowball effect like this. 

Foreman’s ice cream parlor serves as much more than a social gathering spot and more than just a place to indulge in sweet treats. At Everyday Sundae, no one will get disappointed leaving the shop, as they will walk away with an ice cream and hearts filled with joy.

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