The Unexpected Power of a Mother’s Love: A Tale of Simplicity and Survival

A mother with her daughter and granddaughter.

Throughout life, regardless of your status or wealth, please remember to treat your mother well. (Image: Konstantin Iuganov via Dreamstime)

There was once a wealthy woman whose net worth was well over a billion dollars. During a shopping trip, she was involved in a minor car accident. Fortunately, it was not severe, and she only received a few scratches. After taking her wrecked car to a repair shop, she realized that her mother’s home was nearby, a place she had not visited for a long time.

A night at home

Thus, the wealthy woman went and stayed overnight with her parents. When she left the next day, she took the clothes handed to her by her mother and found that the torn areas on the outfit she had been wearing during the accident had been meticulously mended.

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She was somewhat moved, yet also a little dismayed — she had plenty of money and could easily afford new clothes. She was going to throw the clothes out when she got back home, but due to her hectic schedule, she forgot about it and ended up wearing the patched dress around to various establishments, and even closed a long-standing big deal while wearing it. It was only late at night when she remembered the condition of her clothes, so she took off the dress and threw it in the trash.

Dresses on display in a shop window.
She had plenty of money and could easily afford new clothes. (Image: Photomall via Dreamstime)

The unexpected compliment

The next morning, during the formal signing of the deal she had closed the day before, her client asked her: “Why aren’t you wearing that patched dress you wore yesterday?” Feeling slightly embarrassed, she replied: “I’ve taken it off to be washed.” The client remarked: “You may not know this, but we decided to sign the contract with you precisely because of that patch on your dress. We could tell from the patch that you were a hardworking and simple person, and a hardworking and simple person is undoubtedly the best partner!”

The wealthy woman went home and rummaged through the trash for the patched dress. After washing it, she hung it in a less noticeable corner of her closet, thinking it might come in handy one day.

An escape from danger

A week passed. One morning, just as she was about to leave for work, two policemen arrived at her home. It turned out that another rich woman had been kidnapped and killed the previous week. The kidnappers were apprehended that same night. During their interrogation, they confessed that their original target had been our protagonist, which is why the police had come to advise her to be cautious.

Shocked, the wealthy woman asked the police: “Why didn’t they kidnap me in the end?” “Because you were wearing a patched dress,” they replied. “Seeing the patch on your dress, the kidnappers assumed you were not as rich as the rumors suggested, as a wealthy person wouldn’t wear patched clothes.”

Photo of hands sewing with a focus on the thimble.
Since her dress was patched, the kidnappers left her alone. (Image: Jose Manuel Gelpi Diaz via Dreamstime)

The weight of a mother’s love

At that moment, the woman was filled with profound emotions. She never would have thought that an accidental patch could save her life. After the police left, she opened her closet, took out the patched dress, and tenderly stroked the closely sewn stitches, shedding tears like a child.

Throughout life, regardless of your status or wealth, please remember to treat your mother well. A mother’s love is like a subtle stream, silent but able to nourish the parched soul. It is ordinary, but it contains amazing greatness. Sometimes, motherly love is a potent medicine that saves the soul teetering on the brink of despair. Other times, it is a beacon on the sea of life, guiding us out of our lost paths toward the light. Just as it is impossible for the humble grass to repay the sunlight of spring on whose nurturing it depends for its growth, so too is it impossible for us to fully repay the immense love our mothers have given us.

Translated by Eva

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