Why a Healthy Marriage Matters for Children

Asian family rollerblading together.

Creative family activities allow each family member to have a unique experience. This can be even better for families willing to try something they’ve never done before. (Image: Monkey Business Images via Dreamstime)

A healthy marriage isn’t just for mom and dad; it’s also for the children of the relationship. Having a healthy wedding benefits everyone in the family. For example, when parents split up, this could hurt children. But on the other hand, if parents stay together, this could positively impact children.

Please read our article to discover why you should focus on your relationship as a parent.

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What is a healthy marriage?

A healthy marriage is often described as a relationship involving mutual love, trust, honesty, and open communication.

To be more specific, a healthy and happy marriage has distinctive characteristics. Although they aren’t always noticeable outside, partners can see if they have these characteristics within the relationship.

Here are some of the most essential characteristics of a good marriage.

  1. Good communication: The essential part of a good marriage is being able to communicate with your spouse how you feel honestly but still respectfully. Often, the quality of a relationship is measured by how both people communicate with one another.
  2. Honesty and trust: Trust plays a huge part in a relationship; to achieve this, both parties must be honest. Trust without honesty is blindness, and honesty without trust can be suffocating.
  3. Respect: It can be easy to lose respect after being together for so long, but remember, your child will likely treat their partners like mom and dad.
  4. Intimacy and affection: Showing love to one another is an excellent way for children to know what a good relationship looks like. Ensure to show affection not just to your children but also to one another.
  5. Partnership: A partnership doesn’t always mean everything is equal. It sometimes means that one has to give more than the other and vice versa. A partnership involves compromise every once in a while.
  6. Understanding: Not always will a partner know what you want or do things the way you want them to. You have to understand and remember that your partner is a different person, and they also function very differently.

It’s also important to note that no marriage is perfect, and if these characteristics haven’t been cultivated, it isn’t the end of the world.

The good thing about marriage is that it’s a journey, and both parties can strive to be better together.

A happy and healthy marriage has distinctive characteristics.
A healthy and happy marriage has distinctive characteristics. Although they aren’t always noticeable outside, partners can see if they have these characteristics within the relationship. (Image: Pixabay)

Why a healthy marriage is vital for children

Now, let’s discuss why a healthy marriage is essential for children.

First, there are many positive effects of a healthy marriage on children. Although they might not be seen in the short term, their long-term benefits will help the children grow up strong, secure, and with a good understanding of love and healthy relationships.

Let’s find out why a good marriage is vital for children.

Provides a good role model

A healthy marriage gives children a good role model. In addition, children often follow what they see, meaning if you’re affectionate, respectful, and communicative, your children will also pick up on this.

Another significant benefit of a healthy marriage is that your child will learn to manage problems, solve conflicts, and express emotions appropriately.

Provides emotional security

If a child doesn’t live inside a healthy family, they’ll be emotionally insecure. Showing your child how much mom loves dad and vice versa teaches them that they don’t have to be afraid and that there will always be someone that loves them.

Although children often feel the love you give them, showing your children how you love your spouse is essential. This way, they know that the most influential figures in their lives also love each other.

A loving family out shopping.
Showing your child how much mom loves dad and vice versa teaches them that they don’t have to be afraid and that there will always be someone that loves them. (Image: Prostockstudio via Dreamstime)

Boosts self-esteem

One of the most important benefits of growing up in a healthy family is boosting self-esteem. In addition, children who grow up in healthy marriages often have higher self-esteem.

This is because children know how you value them and how their parents value each other. With this security, they’ll understand their worth.

Empathy and compassion

Aside from what children feel inside a healthy marriage, they’ll also be able to learn how to act. A good marriage teaches them kindness, compassion, and empathy.

If they see mommy and daddy getting along with empathy and compassion, they’ll share this with the world and pick this up as a core trait.


Every marriage is different, but one thing’s sure: valuing everyone in the family is essential. While most parents forget each other the moment they have children, it’s important to remember that it takes both parents to work together to build a strong foundation.

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