Fan Li’s Secret to Attaining Wealth in Business in Ancient China

A mountain in China.

When Goujian, the ruler of the state of Yue in ancient China, found himself trapped on Mount Kuaiji by King Fuchai of Wu, he received valuable counsel from his advisor, Fan Li. (Image: Nniud via Dreamstime)

2 Mysterious Ancient Chinese Bottles

A blue bottle.

Jia Lan had a realization, so he started digging near the spring and discovered two ancient blue copper bottles covered in green rust. (Image: Pete Favelle via Dreamstime)

Story From Ancient China: Wang Wei Identifies the Melon Thief

Illustration of an ancient Chinese scholar seated beneath a tree.

Wang Wei, a renowned poet of the Tang Dynasty, came up with an ingenious method to identify a melon thief. (Image: Zhang Daqian via artnet)

2 Stories of Self-Defense Using Courage and Wisdom in Ancient China

The Great Wall of China.

During the Tang Dynasty of ancient China, King Teng was known for his highly lewd and immoral disposition. (Image: Yuri Yavnik via Dreamstime)

Essential Uses that Round Bronze Mirrors Played in Ancient China

A Chinese bronze mirror.

A bronze mirror was used as one of the daily essentials for the ancient Chinese people. (Image: 192451732 via Dreamstime)

Heaven’s Wrath: How Ancient Chinese Rulers Responded to Natural Disasters (Part 1)

Dead trees surrounded by flood waters.

The ancients viewed natural disasters as a manifestation of Heaven's wrath and a warning sign for rulers to correct their wrongdoings and promote virtuous governance. (Image: Tanes Ngamsom via Dreamstime)

Stories of Ancient Healing Wisdom: Fighting Epidemics With Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese herbal medicines.

As we continue to battle the unknown in modern medicine, the legacy of ancient Chinese healers may still hold valuable insights and inspiration. (Image: Xue Lei Ma via Dreamstime)

Blossoming Heroines: The Story of Chunyu Tiying in Ancient China (Part 2)

Corporal punishment.

In the 13th year of Emperor Wen’s reign, during the Han period (167 B.C.), Chunyu Tíying's father, Chunyu Yi, was found guilty of a crime and sentenced to corporal punishment. (Image: Casimirokt via Dreamstime)

The Chinese Skywell: How Ancient Energy-Efficient Features Are Keeping Homes Cool

A Chinese skywell.

A skywell is an architectural feature used to keep homes cool in a pre-air-conditioner world. Skywells are now being revisited due to both a revived interest in traditional Chinese architecture, as well as a shift toward more sustainable home design. (Image: via Adafruit)

Blossoming Heroines: Stories of 3 Extraordinary Young Girls in Ancient China (Part 1)

Illustration of three Chinese women wearing ancient clothing.

Three girls, with their combined intellect and courage, stepped up to save their endangered fathers, leaving a brilliant legacy. (Image: via Public Domain)