The Wise Judgment of Zhao He: An Ancient Chinese Tale of Justice

In ancient China’s governance system, local officials could only exercise authority within their territories. Once they crossed the boundaries of their jurisdiction, they had no permission to handle cases beyond their region. An exemplary official in Jiangyin When Emperor Luzong of the Tang Dynasty had just ascended the throne, Zhao He served as the county ...

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Pink plum blossom.

God’s Highest Reward for Good People: A Tale of Perception and Justice

Upon hearing people lament: “Good people don’t seem to get rewarded, while bad people seem to be living the good life. It’s unfair!” one might wonder what God’s thoughts are. Though God remains silent, the question continues to echo in the hearts of innocent children. In 1963, a girl named Mary Barney wrote a letter ...

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Birds Seek Justice: The Spiritual Bond Between Humans and Animals

The spiritual bond between humans and animals is very real and has been recognized across cultures and throughout history. Birds, as living beings with a soul, can play a part in human affairs and have even been known to seek justice for their benefactors as can be seen in the following two stories from ancient ...

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Official Experiences Miracles After Helping a Framed Monk Obtain Justice

The framing of Monk Jingman In ancient China, under the reign of Queen Wu Zetian during the Tang Dynasty (A.D. 624-715), there lived a monk named Jingman who resided in Luquan Temple, Heng County. Monk Jingman was very upright, strictly followed the precepts of Buddhism, and conducted himself well.  However, other monks in the temple ...

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A monk sitting by a waterfall in meditation.

With Injustice to Jimmy Lai, Communist China Looks to Retaliate Against the West

The founder of Next Digital, Jimmy Lai, was detained again by the Hong Kong government and the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Albert Ho, former chairman of the Hong Kong Democratic Party, wrote an article titled Jimmy Lai’s Predicament and Hong Kong’s Road Ahead. In his article, Ho criticized the Attorney General’s endless abuse of the ...

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The cover of Hong Kong newspaper, Apple Daily, showing Jimmy Lai's arrest.

U.S. Justice Department: Yale Discriminated Against White and Asian Applicants

The Department of Justice’s two-year investigation into Yale University’s admissions practices has found that the school discriminated against undergraduate applicants of white and Asian backgrounds on the basis of their race. On Aug. 13, the department stated that every year, race was the “determinative factor” in Yale’s assessment of many applications. “Yale rejects scores of ...

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How Predictive Policing Technologies Can Work Against Justice

With Artificial Intelligence technologies becoming pervasive in all aspects of society, it was inevitable that they would be used by law enforcement. In the U.S., predictive policing technologies are becoming a favorite tool of police forces because of their ability to predict a potential crime. But such technologies bring with them a host of problems, ...

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Loyal Dog Gets Justice for Its Murdered Owner

During the Ming Dynasty, there was a rich man named Qin Bang who loved to do business. One day, Qin Bang took his loyal dog with him to go to the capital to trade. When the boat sailed to Zhangwan, it was hijacked by a group of bandits. These fierce bandits murdered all of the ...

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The Injustice of Dou E

Dou E Yuan, commonly translated as The Injustice of Dou E, is the masterpiece of Guan Hanqing, a playwright during the Yuan Dynasty (A.D. 1271-1368 ). The full Chinese title of the play is Gan Tiang Dong Di Dou E Yuan, which translates to The Injustice of Dou E That Touched Heaven and Earth. This story ...

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Unifying Africa: Dissolving Colonial Borders for a United Africa

Like many other continents, Africa has its own experience of being under colonial rule. These colonial borders have significantly impacted Africa’s political, social, and economic landscape.  As the world moves forward, growing discussion regarding dissolving African colonial borders arises. This is rooted in the desire for a unified and harmonious Africa.  However, this is not ...

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