Saturday, September 25, 2021

Who we are

Nspirement is the act of becoming motivated, encouraged, and enthused to the point of making a significant difference or change, as well as to breathe life into one’s dreams.

We are a lifestyle website acting as a window on the world to help inspire, uplift, and bring hope to our readers, as well as insights into all things China.

During this time of a global pandemic, things can seem hopeless and depressing. But there is always a silver lining to everything, and such times can also bring out the best in each of us. It is these stories that we focus on.

Inspiration and hope are the most powerful agents to motivate and stimulate the best in each person.

It is essential in today’s polarized world to break through all the negativity with positive, uplifting stories and news.

Our hope is to fan that spark that is within all of us and lovingly embrace each other as fellow human beings.

John Andress


Hermann Rohr

Social Media Manager & Writer

Hermann Rohr is an entrepreneur by heart, a marketer by passion and a story teller by profession. A universal mind who loves to expand his horizon by exploring question most people ask, but only few dare search for answers to.

Mikel Davis


Mikel is an editor and occassional writer who's not afraid to ask the big questions. He is afraid, however, of what the answers might be.

David Clapp


David has a diverse background in Economics, History, and Forestry. David is especially passionate about China and helped establish and serve as chairman of a Chinese cultural school where he implemented Chinese, mathematics, and English programs.

Michael Segarty


Billy Shyu


Jessica Kneipp


Jessica writes about films, and occasionally gets to direct them. Music, photography, art, poetry, reading and travel are pretty good too. She has a love of silent films, they are the closest she will ever get to "time travel."

Raven Montecory


It's the simple things in life that matter the most.

Trisha Haddock


Emmu Lu


My heart and soul live in Asia, but I also make the best Spaghetti sauce. I love to travel the world and meet new souls.

Jack Roberts


Jack Roberts spends much of his attention minding all things technology, security, and human dignity. Ironically, as he one day discovered, these three things are at the center of everything that moves the modern word- in both ways ;)

Armin Auctor


Whether it's 24 frames per second, stereo or mono. Armin loves the entertainment of movies, music and pop culture. His reminisce of the past and his passion for nostalgia often invite him to explore even traditional culture, esthetics and art.

Max Lu


Max Loves the checkerboard dynamics of global politics and relationships- especially how they impact our daily life now and tomorrow.

Rory Karsten


Rory Karsten is the alias used by a freedom-loving writer currently based somewhere in Southeast Asia. He has a focus on China and human rights.

Cynthia Rohr

Operations & IT

Cynthia loves anything tech and is a nerd at heart. She has a passion to help Indigenous peoples in the Amazon of Peru.