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Who we are

Nspirement is the act of becoming encouraged, motivated, and enthused about making a difference, whether in your own life, the lives of those around you, or the world at large.

We are a lifestyle website, acting as a window on the world to help inspire, uplift, and bring hope to our readers. By highlighting uplifting stories and news — from health to beauty, science to travel, culture to navigating daily life, as well as providing insights into all things China — we aspire to nourish the minds, bodies, and souls of each of our readers.

It is such stories of inspiration and hope that we shine a light on.

Through these stories, we hope to fan the spark that lies within every person to be a force for good, break through the negativity, and see beyond our differences to celebrate one another as fellow human beings.

So, add a little Nspirement to your day… and breathe a little life into your dreams.