Proper Manners Begin at the Dining Table

Chinese family getting food with chopsticks.

Manners are a cornerstone of every culture. (Image: Jan via Wikimedia Commons)

The Couple Who Tied Their Hair Together

A Look at Thailand’s Kayan People

Chinese Astrology: 2019 Is the Year of the Pig

The Year of the Pig.

The Chinese New Year for 2019 begins on February 5, and it is the Year of the Pig. (Image: Gary Stevens via Flickr)

2019 Is the Year of the Pig!

Nspirement Wishes You a Happy Holiday Season!

'This time of year brings festivities and family fun. It is a time for reminiscing and looking forward. Wishing you wonderful memories during this joyous season.' (Image: Hermann Rohr via Nspirement)

How the Chinese Celebrate Christmas Amid Communism

Despite harsh government treatment of religious believers, Christmas is celebrated with much fanfare by the Chinese Christian community. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

How to Celebrate Yule, the Icelandic Christmas

Christmas in Reykjavik.

The Christmas season is the longest holiday in Iceland, with all establishments closed at least until December 27. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

The Timeless Prenatal Advice in the Classic ‘Female Filial Piety’

Female filial piety is possibly one of the most recognized fundamental virtues that have been an important pillar in traditional Chinese culture for more than a thousand years. (Image: Virandek via Pixabay)

Chicago’s Thanksgiving Day Parade

The city of Chicago.

The Thanksgiving Day Parade has been a Chicago tradition since 1934. (Image: Screenhot via YouTube)