Baked Mushrooms with Basil Pesto

Mushrooms with basil pesto.

Tender, savory mushrooms with fragrant basil pesto and fresh salmon roe make for a nature-inspired dish that’s simple, yet flavor-rich, an elegant addition to the table. (Image: Hsuyi Shih via Taste of Life)

Salt and Pepper Prawns Recipe

Salt and Pepper Prawns.

This Salt and Pepper Prawns recipe might be just what you have been looking for. (Image: via Pixabay)

Food Facts: Star Anise

During my formative years in Germany, star anise was the flavor of choice to add to plum jams that we cooked and preserved for the winter. (Image: via pixabay)

Thirst-Quenching Fruit Vinegar

Fruit vinegar is rich in pectin, vitamins, organic acids, and other nutrients. (Image: Hsuyi Shih via Taste of Life)

Baked Potatoes With Mushrooms

Baked potato with mushrooms.

Can the humble spud take on a sophisticated new personality? This tantalizing new take on the baked potato will leave you craving more. (Image: Hsuyi Shih via Taste of Life)

The Yin-Yang of Foods

The ancient Chinese understood food in relation to the Taoist philosophy of yin and yang — the principles that form the backbone of traditional Chinese medicine. (Image: stevepb via Pixabay)

Shanghai Smoked Fish

Pumpkin Seeds Pack a Punch

pumpkin seeds

Most Americans are unaware that pumpkin seeds are very healthy. (Image: via pixabay)

Delicious Eastern Spaghetti Recipe Using Soba Noodles

soba noodle dish in black bowl

Lasso your tastebuds with soba noodles doused in a scrumptious Alfredo sauce. (Image: Courtesy of Hsuyi Shih/Taste of Life)

Mediterranean-Style Grilled Fish