Greed Can Ruin a Person’s Destiny

A Chinese landscape painting.

A painter wanted to take the Buddha and demons as subjects for his paintings, so he went about looking for people who resembled them. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

How Did Confucius Deal With Yan Hui When He Stole the Rice?

A Chinese painting of mountains.

Yan Hui, the favorite disciple of Confucius, was smart, diligent in his studies, and could learn by analogy. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

How Did the Ancients Cope With Plagues?

People dying from a plague.

The ancients believed that to escape plagues, it was necessary for people to sincerely confess their sins to God and repent. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

2 Stories of Wisdom

Sailing on a calm lake.

In life, being able to remain calm is not only a kind of wisdom, but also a kind of resilience. (Image: qimono via Pixabay)

Your Heart Creates the Appearance That Leads to Prosperity or Failure

A landscape at dusk.

A Taoist immortal tried to discern the fate of twin brothers by examining their appearance. (Image: 8385 via Pixabay)

Amazing Quotes About Character and Life by Greeks and Laozi

The Greek philosopher Plato.

Ancient Greek and Chinese philosophers had great wisdom. (Image: via Pixabay)

How the Great Physician Hua Tuo Treated Illness

A Brilliant Army Strategy: Outwitting 150,000 Enemies Using a Lute

A Chinese lute.

A Chinese General named Zhuge Liang defeated an army of 150,000 men using a lute. (Image: Jorge Royan via Wikimedia Commons)

A Famous Medicinal Herb Merchant in Chang’an During the Tang Dynasty

A herbal apothecary.

Song Qing was held in high esteem because he carried out his trade in a completely independent and unique manner from other merchants. (Image: technicolours via Flickr)

Genius and Beauty: What Zhuge Liang Valued

The Summer Palace in Beijing.

The painting 'Zhu Geliang Breaks Wei Bing,' The Summer Palace, Beijing (Image: via Wikimedia Commons)