‘Les Miserables’ Lessons of Generosity and Compassion 200 Years Later

Jean Valjean.

Jean Valjean, one of the main characters at the heart of 'Les Miserables,' begins as a paroled victim. (Image: via Universal Pictures)

Thomas Dambo: Meet the Danish Artist With Whimsical Sculpture Trolls Across the World

Thomas Dambo on one of his trolls.

Thomas Dambo sitting with ‘Little Lui.’ (Image: via Thomas Dambo)

Preparing Your Art for Gallery Submissions: A Step-by-Step Guide


Aspiring artists often experience excitement and fear at the prospect of showcasing their artwork in a prestigious gallery. (Image: Pavel Losevsky via Dreamstime)

Plato’s Influence on Architecture: How Do Architects Think?

The Greek philosopher Plato.

Plato was among the first philosophers to ask himself why people love beautiful things. He said That beautiful things tell us the truth about the good life. (Image: Public Domain)

The Boy and the Heron: Hayao Miyazaki’s Latest Studio Ghibli Masterpiece

From 'The Boy and the heron.'

‘The Boy and the Heron’ might seem unfamiliar, but in just a matter of time, it’ll be known to many as the title of the latest Studio Ghibli movie. (Image: via Studio Ghibli)

Top 10 Stage Musicals: A Symphony of Theatrical Brilliance

A scene from 'The Sound of Music.'

'The Sound of Music' story tells the story of Maria, a young nun in Austria who is sent to be the governess of the seven children of a naval officer, Captain Georg von Trapp. (Image: via 20th Century Fox)

Ahsoka Tano: From Star Wars to Real-World Inspiration

Ahsoka Tano from 'Star Wars.'

In the expansive universe of the 'Star Wars' franchise, few characters have had as profound an impact as Ahsoka Tano. (Image: Lucasfilm Ltd.)

How Michelangelo’s Forgery Propelled His Career to New Heights

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni

Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni, famously known as Michelangelo, is a towering figure in art history. He profoundly impacted the Renaissance as a sculptor, painter, architect, and poet. (Image: via Public Domain)

10 of the Most Expensive Musical Instruments of All Time

The Lady Blunt Stradivarius violin.

The Lady Blunt is a Stradivarius violin that was made in 1721 It is considered to be one of the two rarest and most coveted Stradivarius violins in the world. (Image: via

The Dragon of Calais: A Mythical Artwork

The Dragon of Calais.

Delaroziere, a renowned puppeteer and mechanical artist, is skilled in creating creatures that blur the line between reality and fantasy. (Image: via Compagnie du Dragon)