8 Tips for a Nighttime Skincare Routine

Beautiful, healthy skin.

Your skin is in constant contact with dirt and germs during the day. It is also exposed to other hazardous materials, such as dust, bacteria, and UV rays, that damage it. (Image: Irina Bogolapova via Dreamstime)

6 Hairstyles That Could Damage Your Hair: Tips for Healthier Choices

Comic portrait of a retro pinup woman with a beehive hairstyle.

You may already be aware of the harm that backcombing or teasing can cause, but there are other damaging hairstyles that might catch you off guard. (Image: Randomsinrandom via Dreamstime)

Scandi Hairline: How to Achieve the Aesthetic

The Scandi hairline.

A new hair trend called the Scandinavian or Scandi hairline for the summer is a unique play on hair coloring. Instead of coloring the entire head, why not dye just the hairline? (Image: via Facebook)

Healthy Foods That Promote a Sunless Natural Tan

Woman with sunscreen dabbed on her leg.

Throughout history, sun-kissed skin has been highly prized as a symbol of beauty and vitality. (Image: Martinmark via Dreamstime)

Oily Hair: What’s the Deal?

Woman holding her hair with a shocked expression on her face, examines her appearance in a mirror.

While having oily hair can be a major downer, there is no shortage of treatments that can help you manage the condition. (Image: Prostockstudio via Dreamstime)

Gray Hair: Reverse It Without Using Hair Dye

Older woman looking at graying hair in a mirror.

The appearance of gray hair is a common sign of aging, but it can trigger strong emotions in you. (Image: Victorrustle via Dreamstime)

Expert Tips on Choosing the Perfect Hairstyle for Your Face Shape

Young charming girl with dark hair, blue eyes, and clean smooth skin smiles broadly.

Finding a new hairstyle for your face shape can be challenging. (Image: Svitlana Barsukova via Dreamstime)

Liquid or Bar Shampoo: Which One Is Better?

A young woman choosing a shampoo.

Should you use liquid shampoo or bar shampoo? (Image: Iakov Filimonov via Dreamstime)

The Top 5 Indoor Orchids for Your Bathroom

Pansy orchids.

The Miltonia, also known as the Pansy orchid, is one of the friendliest-looking orchids you can cultivate.. (Image: Ilja Enger Tsizikov via Dreamstime)

7 Tips to Discover Your Signature Scent

Perfume atomizer bottles.

A signature scent is a way to perfectly show who you are and convey precisely the impression you want others to have of you. (Image: Arroka2 via Pixabay)