Designer Turns to Fish Skin Leather to Craft Clothes

Fish skin clothing.

Fish skin leather was once common in fishing communities; now, artisans and designers are breathing new life into the tradition. (Image: via Elisa Palomino-Perez)

Natural, but at What Cost?

An Asian woman's natural look.

To describe something as 'natural' is to recognize that it exists or is derived from nature. (Image: Kitthanes Ratanasira Anan via Dreamstime)

Ohaguro: The Traditional Japanese Sign of Beauty

Japanese Geisha in Kyoto with face painted white and wearing a purple kimono, holding a paper parasol.

Ohaguro or 'blackened teeth' is most commonly associated with Japan. (Image: Johnasanpo studio via Dreamstime)

To Reduce Your Clothing Footprint, Discover Australia’s Exciting Clothing Rental Sites

Two women looking at a rack of dresses.

Clothing rental is an economical and environmentally friendly way to stay on-trend. (Image: via

12 Tips to Extend the Lifespan of Your Shoes

A selection of women's shoes.

Proper shoe care extends the lifespan of your shoes. (Image: Jaclyn Moy via Unsplash)

Hair Colorist Jack Martin Shows his Expertise in Natural Silver and Gray Highlights

A woman with stylish gray-streaked hair.

Beautiful Silver Revolution: Gray hair color has arrived, is cool, natural, healthy, and getting more popular. (Image: via Jack Martin)

Awe-Inspiring Luxury: Chinese Tang Dynasty-Style Handbags

DUANMU wooden handbags.

The wood inlay technique of the Tang Dynasty requires excellent craftsmanship. (Image: via Pixabay)

‘In Search of Forgotten Colors’: A Documentary About the Beauty of Natural Dyes

Sachio Yoshioka examining dyed material.

'In Search of Forgotten Colors' is one of the four short documentaries by Japan’s national broadcaster NHK that explore Sachio Yoshioka’s work on natural dyes. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

China’s Bizarre Plastic Plant Fashion

Plastic fashions.

A weird trend spread across China in 2015 when people began sporting plastic decorations in the shape of plants, vegetables, and fruits on their heads. (Image: Screenshot via YouTube)

Chinese Millennials and Modern Fashion Ads

Two female Chinese Millennials shopping.

China’s millennial population is far more conscious of fashion than previous generations. (Image: via Pexels)