Anna May Wong: A Pioneering Hollywood Star of Asian Descent

Publicity photo of American actress Anna May Wong likely commissioned to promote the movie 'Daughter of Shanghai.'

Anna May Wong Wong holds the distinction of being the first Chinese-American Hollywood actress, the first Asian-American actress to achieve international fame, and the first Chinese woman to have her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. (Image: Public Domain via Wikimedia)

The Inspiring Journey of Yasuko Tamaki: Japan’s Oldest Office Worker at 92

Yasuko Tamaki of Japan receiving the Guinness World Records official certificate recognizing her as the world's oldest office manager at 92.

Meet Yasuko Tamaki, the 92-year-old record holder for being the world's oldest office worker after 66 years with the same company. (Image: via Guinness World Records)

Overcoming Challenges: From Being Labelled ‘Slow’ to Creating a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Boy playing on a skateboard wearing a red biking helmet, sunglasses, and a homemade 'jetpack.'

A child who was thought of as 'slow' overcame the challenges he faced and went on to create a multi-million dollar empire. (Image: Yarruta via Dreamstime)

10 Class Acts of Sportsmanship That Restored Faith in Humanity

Sportsmanship at the 2005 Ashes.

Andrew Flintoff (right) consoles Brett Lee after England's dramatic two-run victory over Australia at Edgbaston in the famous 2005 Ashes series. (Image: via News Corp Australia)

A Lifelong Quest for Knowledge: Priscilla Sitienei, the World’s Oldest Elementary School Student

Image of Priscilla 'Gogo' Sitienei.

Discover the remarkable journey of Priscilla Sitienei, the world's oldest elementary school student, whose quest for education proves that learning can begin at any time. (Image: Kibor Michael via Facebook)

Melodic Mastery: 7 Ways Music Enhances Mathematical Skills

A young child playing a piano.

Did you know that music can make mathematics more enjoyable for students? (Image: Vladvictoria via Pixabay)

How the Power of Honesty Changed a Beggar’s Life

An American Express Platinum card.

Wanting to help a beggar she saw on the street, a woman let him borrow her credit card to buy some daily necessities. (Image: Nora Tarvus via Dreamstime)

Why Is Public Napping a Sign of Diligence in Japan?

Napping at work in Japan.

Sleeping in public is so common in Japan that it even has its own name — inemuri. (Image: via KiMi)

How to Help Children Let Go of Old Toys and Stuff They No Longer Need

Children's playroom full of toys.

In any household with children, there is an inevitable accumulation of possessions. (Image: Fhkgkhg Dkfjhfkdhkfhd via Dreamstime)

Babies Crawl, Scoot, and Shuffle When Learning to Move. Here’s What to Watch for if You’re Worried

A baby crawling.

Most babies begin moving toward people or objects much further away from them in the second half of their first year. (Image: fezailc via Pixabay)