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2 Mysterious Ancient Chinese Bottles

A blue bottle.

Jia Lan had a realization, so he started digging near the spring and discovered two ancient blue copper bottles covered in green rust. (Image: Pete Favelle via Dreamstime)

Michelangelo and His Beliefs: How Spirituality Influenced His Art

Michelangelo's painting in the Sistine Chapel (detail on ceiling).

Michelangelo played a massive part in Renaissance art and was even compared to other greats like Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael. (Image: Calvin Craig via Unsplash)

Is Marriage Coincidental or a Predestined Arrangement?

Silhouette of a bride and groom dancing.

Marriage is often perceived as a simple twist of fate, but it might actually be determined by a deeper predestined arrangement. (Image: George Mayer via Dreamstime)

Unlocking the Secrets of Physiognomy: The Fascinating Life of Yuan Shushan (Part 2)

A red lotus in bloom.

Yuan Shushan's reputation may not have been prominent, but his character was impeccable. His path to success lay in studying diligently, leading a peaceful life, and choosing his acquaintances wisely. (Image: via Pixabay)

The Enigmatic Life of Yuan Shushan: Master of Physiognomy (Part 1)

Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Yuan Shushan had the rare opportunity to meet and analyze the physiognomy of Sun Yat-sen, one of China's greatest revolutionaries. (Image: via The Epoch Times)

Religion and Science’s Take on the Fabric of Reality

An illustration of God`s hands holding the Earth.

Digging into the nature of reality, we find similarities in how it is viewed by both religions and science. (Image: Nonneljohnvilbar via Dreamstime)

Li Youfu, Master of Supernormal Abilities (Part 3)

Li Youfu practicing martial arts in the mountains.

Li had sought the true Dao (or way) in his previous life and finally found a true master to teach him. (Image: via Minghui)

Li Youfu, Master of Supernormal Abilities (Part 2)

Li Youfu practicing martial arts.

Li Youfu became an acupuncturist thanks to the acupuncture techniques he learned from martial arts master Mr. Chen Jisheng. (Image: via Minghui)

Li Youfu, Master of Supernormal Abilities (Part 1)

Li Youfu doing a meditation exercise.

Mr. Li Youfu is a cross-disciplinary genius, excelling as a martial arts champion and renowned medical expert. (Image: via Minghui)

Feminine Journeys: 7 Tips for Balancing Adventure and Grace

Young woman in a white dress smiles at the beach.

Striking a balance between adventure and femininity allows one to embrace the thrill of discovery while celebrating the innate grace and poise of womanhood. (Image: Ariwasabi via Dreamstime)