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The Changing Landscape of Elderly Care: Switzerland’s ‘Time Bank’

Elderly couple embracing as they look out over a lake.

Everyone grows old, but the goal most people share is to age with grace without becoming a burden to their children. (Image: Ruslan Huzau via Dreamstime)

DIY Deodorant: How to Make Your Own Aluminum-Free Version

Ingredients for a DIY deodorant.

Creating deodorant at home can be an enjoyable, environmentally friendly, and health-conscious DIY project. (Image: Svehlik21 via Dreamstime)

6 Tips and Tricks to Clean White Shoes

Scrubbing white shoes.

Whether you have a pair of classic white sneakers or pristine white leather shoes, maintaining their appearance requires some effort and know-how. (Image: Iurii Golub via Dreamstime)

From Trash to Treasure: 8 Inventive Repurposing Hacks for Old Household Items

Old dresser drawers repurposed as planters.

When furniture is replaced or during a remodeling project, old drawers frequently become neglected and contribute to clutter. However, you can breathe new life into them by repurposing them into distinctive planters. (Image: Pavel Yavnik via Dreamstime)

Moriyama’s Genji Fireflies: Saving Japan’s Illuminated Gems

Fireflies glowing at night.

In Japan, fireflies have fascinated generations with their beautiful glow. (Image: Tomert via Dreamstime)

Gardening 101: 8 Tips to Introduce Beneficial Insects to Your Garden

A ladybug climbing down a leaf.

Beneficial insects act as natural predators, feeding on harmful pests that can damage plants. (Image: Barbro Rutgersson via Dreamstime)

Easy Hacks to Remove Shoe Scuff Marks With Household Ingredients

Polished shining shoes.

Shoe surfaces can develop scuff marks, which are small scratches or abrasions. Brought on by friction or touching abrasive surfaces, they may impair the charm of shoes by making them appear scuffed and unclean. (Image: Vclements via Dreamstime)

The Chinese Skywell: How Ancient Energy-Efficient Features Are Keeping Homes Cool

A Chinese skywell.

A skywell is an architectural feature used to keep homes cool in a pre-air-conditioner world. Skywells are now being revisited due to both a revived interest in traditional Chinese architecture, as well as a shift toward more sustainable home design. (Image: via Adafruit)

Tips for Choosing, Caring for, and Propagating Succulents With Ease

A jade plant.

Whether you're a seasoned plant enthusiast or a novice, succulents are an excellent choice for anyone. (Image: Marina Gorevaya via Dreamstime)

8 Best Easy-to-Maintain Indoor Plants and Common Mistakes to Avoid

Many indoor plants require little care.

Indoor plants do a lot to improve the overall appearance of your space. Besides their exquisiteness, studies show that indoor plants can enhance creativity, boost mood, reduce stress, and sometimes remove air pollutants. (Image: Jonny Forsey via Dreamstime)