Besenwirtschaften Explained: Learn More About the Broomstick Inns


During the fall and winter months, local wines and traditional cuisine can be sampled throughout various Besenwirtschaften, or broomstick inns. (Image: Neckar Magazin via

Rising from the Ashes: The Restoration of Notre-Dame

Notre-Dame burning.

As an enduring symbol of Paris, the cathedral of Notre-Dame, or Notre-Dame de Paris (Our Lady of Paris), has captured people's imaginations for centuries. However, when flames engulfed its attic and spire in 2019, the world watched in stunned silence. (Image: Matthew Lockhart via Dreamstime)

The Symbolism of Beards in History

A statue of Poseidon with a beard.

Across ancient cultures such as Egypt, Mesopotamia, Greece, and Rome, facial hair was considered a mark of manhood and maturity (Poseidon). (Image: Sergey Galushko via Dreamstime)

Omamori: Japanese Talismans

Various omamori.

An omamori is an amulet or talisman used for protection or luck. The word literally means “to guide or protect." These amulets are usually kept in one’s purse, pocket, wallet, or on a wall. (Image: Yoanita Dwi Cahyo via Dreamstime)

Greetings Around the Globe: Cultural Ways to Say Hello

A group of ethnically diverse school children smiling and waving at the camera.

Cultural greetings reflect the rich tapestry of traditions and values that bind communities together across the globe. (Image: stokpic via Pixabay)

Learn Moritsuke: The Art of Japanese Plating

Japanese moritsuke.

When it comes to Japanese cuisine, presentation is just as important as taste. (Image: Zendine Medium)

Baby Full-Month Celebration Explained: Why This Chinese Tradition Came to Life

Happy Asian baby dressed in red.

The celebration for a baby's first year of life is called 'Man Yue,' which translates as 'full moon,' a symbol of completeness, representing celebration for a baby's first month of existence. (Image: Jian Zhang via Dreamstime)

Birthstones by Zodiac Sign: What They Say About Your Personality

Birthstones forming a heart shape.

Most scholars trace the tradition of wearing birthstones to ancient traditions. The ancients believed that specific stones could improve luck, fortune, and wealth for the wearer. (Image: Photowitch via Dreamstime)

The Irish Ballad ‘Danny Boy’ Explained: Why It’s Important

Irish countryside.

The beloved Irish ballad has long been the song of enduring power, aiming to move and uplift. (Image: Albertoloyo via Dreamstime)

Celebrating Love and Loyalty: Russia’s Family Day

Hands holding some daisies.

Daisies are the symbol of Russia's Family Day, a day that is dedicated to celebrating family, love, and loyalty across the nation. (Image: Vivian Seefeld via Dreamstime)